Your favourite Animal Collective Song



  • when you hear wide eyed just think of maynard from tool! oh GOD! or alt-j and ADAM SANDLER haha!!!!!!! jo hanna knew some and LISA SIMPSON!
  • yes! that deakin, always singing about "change"...
  • sometimes ya gotta re-arrange!
  • to make the grange! set hell down ranger life stylee
  • sometimes i come to this thread and cry... :bz what a nice time (im not nostalgic bout other things but this board makes me sad) :bz
  • this board is sad! because he's not... ghostposting!
  • THAT IS A LYRIC FROM LEAF HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!!!!!!!!1111 I KNOW THAT!!1111111111111!
  • beware entering the Ghostland Observatory! The Ol' Factory! SENSES! SNES
  • Beware the Ol' Factory. Feels like strawberry jam!
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