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I've heard talk around the campfire that a few of us here are fans, so I thought I'd make a discussion thread. A few sample questions: Favourite season? Favourite character? Favourite couples? How much of a dick is Tony?


  • Tony is a huge dick.
  • "Hhmmm, I am not exactly sure... its a tie between the first and the third. The first because of Tony. The third because of Effy. The characters in both those seasons were really intereresting. I love everyone's lack morals. My favorite character is probably Cassie. Frankie is annoying (but not as annoying as Minnie, I loathe her) I dont understand why they made the season focus around her she is not interesting enough. I still do not fully understand why she dresses the way she does. To me everyone is season 5, (except for Grace) was annoying." - welcometonarnia I think I agree with you. I think I like the third a bit more because I really Effy. Not so much as a character, but as the main person I like her the best. My favourite character is probably Cassie, I forget a lot of the characters, I haven't watched Skins in a while. As for Frankie I think it's something like she associates more with boys that girls that's why she dresses that way. She's confusing though. My favourite couple is definitely the lesbian couple in season 3. I hated them in season 4, both of them were horrible to each other.
  • UK, but i liked the US version. first season! the episode on the beach made me "feel"
  • I like Cassie the most because she is so sensitive and I love her style (which makes me sound like a 13 year old but whatever). I like the way she looks at life and perceives things. I also like Pandora, not exactly sure why though. Tony is a dick but I love the way he looks after Effy, it shows his vunerablity. My favorite episode is the one titled Effy in s1 (which also features Fickle Cycle). Effy is amazing and she hardly says anything in most episodes. My favorite couple is also the lesbian couple but I also like Grace and Rich (i think thats his name) in s5.
  • Nah I get what you mean about Cassie. Also I find myself relating to her in weird ways, not because I'm anything like her but - you know what I mean right? Most of the time I've liked Tony except the period in the middle of season 1 when he was his the worst in his dickishness with Michelle. After the accident I feel really sad for him. Yeah, Effy's the best.
  • Isn't this the show where kids have sex on each other's faces
  • Yep, good sum up.
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    I have not watched it but i'll give it a try when I have the time. I'll probably watch the UK version if I do watch it. I'll will go into this show with an open mind so I can give you an accurate opinion of mine (I remember the controversy about the show).
  • Unless you never watch R rated movies, nothing will shock you. The only "shocking" factor about this show is that it's teenagers not adults doing it. I recommend watching the UK series first, or at least the first season because I had a friend that watched the US version and she liked it better, but there's only one season of it so there wasn't much point.
  • I watch Game of Thrones (the king of shows when it comes to unnessecary sex scenes, ones that were not in the books that is)! Nothing in this show will shock me! But I thank you for warning me.
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    There isn't even really sex. There's some movement and "ohs", no nudity (I think?). Way more tame then... A Clockwork Orange? HAhahahaha! Worst example to use ever.
  • I have never really watched US Skins, and I doubt I ever will, because almost everyone I know said it was terrible and I have become very familiarized with the UK Skins. What shocks me most about this show is how clueless and vulgar (<< probably not the right word) the parents are. Their lives seem highly unrealistic but they are so interesting to watch. Even though everyone is self-destructive, I want be them. I want their lives. The kids look 14 to me when they are supposed to be 17, so it is kind of off-putting to me. Skins has made my mind numb to all sorts of indecencies. And actually my parents dont want me to watch it but...
  • What parents would want their kids to watch Skins? All the parents are as messed up as the kids, but that's kind of the point. I like Skins because everything is pretty real, people take hard drugs, bad shit happens, and so on.
  • If you want a "REAL" TV series, check out "The Wire". I think it is one of the best TV shows ever in terms of it's scale and ability to mimick the American way of life in the city. It takes place in Baltimore too! Game of Thrones has had incest so...yeah Skins is nothing in terms of inappropriate content. My parents don't know EXACTLY what I watch, but they wouldn't care because i'm old enough to watch what I want.
  • OooOoOH, I like The Wire but I havent watched it in awhile though. In terms of innapropriate shows I would say True Blood is pretty high up there. I watched one where they were having this pagan orgy thing(needless to say I dont/cant watch that show anymore). I have never watched Game of Thrones. My favorite show is Mad Men, which my parents are somewhat against (they are not as strict as I probably make them sound, at all). Irrelevant, but I feel the need to say this: I watched Catherine Breillat's Sleeping Beauty yesterday. Its one of the best films I have ever seen. I am in love with her work now.
  • @claude, you mentioning a clockwork orange makes me want to make a thread about that movie. id love to hear what you guys think of it. also this thread has compelled me to re-watch the first season of skins
  • duck the wire! shiiiiiiit!
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