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When I listen to AnCo I accept and/or love anything they make. no matter how drony, inaudible or confusing it sounds. If some songs on Young Prayer were made my someone other than Panda Bear I dont think I would like it as much. I like AnCo music just because AnCo made it. It wouldnt be the same if someone else had made it. It makes it impossible to find fault in any of their music. I am wondering if anyone else feels this way and why?


  • Uhh... I like to think I don't listen to music that I would usually not like just because it's Animal Collective. I do give works by Animal Collective a larger chance than other music though.
  • Yeah, thats was I mean to say Clawed. I am more open to anything AC makes than anything by anyone else. If another band made Danse Manatee I wouldn't try even to like it. I know that sounds terrible.
  • I think that's a general root of Love. It precedes rather than follows? It's a base state rather than one earned? Mayhaps?
  • i like having songs by them i dont like because i just know that they made it. that sounds weird.
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    No, I think that is exactly what we are talking about! No weirder than anything else we do.
  • I agree with Danse and stuff like that, but I still can't give Hollin a good listen so I won't say I feel as if I can be a TOTAL fanboy of Animal Collective. I also think I can be biased towards bands that already have 2 or three great albums like Arcade Fire or Deerhunter.
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    The review pitchfork wrote for Hollin helped me give the album a chance. It's definitely the AnCo album I've listened to the least. But I find myself jamming to songs from it on shuffle
  • i'm def. the opposite of this! if anything it makes it harder... songs you just don't dig / dont' do
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