Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album



  • IS it "what would bbrian boytano do?"
  • I've heard this somewhere else but I agree that this album is so much more listenable in the cold, all that craziness in August heat is too much
  • i know that they often designate a season for their albums but i usually associate the season of the album with tthe release date. MPP is more a winter album for me.
  • I, too, associate MPP with winter and find it a pleasant album to listen to in the winter. Good thing, 'cause winter is coming. But, really -- it's arrived. It's rainy and gray. And the forecast stays that way. I dunno about this.
  • I feel the same way with mpp but only with taste, guy's eyes and in the flowers, cause I never started listening to them until the winter.
  • wow.. it's been forever. and i'm still alive
  • Animal Collective fans have a way of dropping dead unexpectedly, so this is particularly good news.
  • for people who glove brad news! singing the monkie blues!
  • very few names look familiar here. i remember terrortoast in particular. my apologies for clogging up this thread with irrelevant garbage :(|)
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    I joined a month after you did but it was under a different username. GO's been here the whole time. Also, virtually every thread on this forum within the last 6 months or so is filled with irrelevant stuff, so no need to worry about that. I just realized something... With GO as our top poster, no one will pass GO or collect two-hundred dollars.
  • i've been passed before! and it took much longer to get back on top that i would have thought! i wasn't here from the VERY begin! ... i was Oct 2008 and i think there was stuff from March 2008! kinda like on the main ac board there in May 2005 but it started a bit earlier! GIRLIER! close enough though! and unlike peacefish i WILL be here until board's end long after he's moved on (he already has!) though there's only 2 months left! THEN THE INTERNET GOES DOWN
  • That's fine, I'm getting a 5 kbps download speed right now and the internet can go down for all I care. The only thing I can do is browse text sites anyways. Although I guess not having forums around would mean I'd have to find something else to do with my time. But I think with a 1,000 post lead on the next highest poster, you're probably not going to be passed again.
  • peace fish comes back ... with a lil vengeful dance JIG! getting jiggy with dave & davey! but NEVER avey! tar him! tar & feather his leather bum! :(|)
  • took a bit of a long break from listening to this... came back to it and it sounds better than ever! oh man! moonjockey to minky rashes is just damn killer and i'm still pulling for pulleys! pull eyes grubby hair! and amanita ends it so strong! i wanna go there too!
  • Starting to really respect these new songs the same way i would the old stuff... Like theyre not total noobies
  • they're froot loops. Foot loops are gross, it makes me think of worms and pesticides. Worms that crawl in through your feet and get up into your body and just wriggle around and lay eggs and the larvae burst out through blisters and go everywhere.
  • stop trying to turn me on I'm a married man
  • married to the blob! :(|)
  • 1980'sversion or 1950's version? (it looked much hotter in the fiftees. I think bad film makers are overdue for a 2000 version)
  • 1880s version. 2000 version, yes! I've been sitting around naked for hours listening to the Dead and reading about Buddhism. Not this again!
  • lolololololololol
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    [quote=Dave]1880s version. 2000 version, yes!I've been sitting around naked for hours listening to the Dead and reading about Buddhism. Not this again![/quote] [img]http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/003/364/I_m12YearsOld.jpg[/img]
  • Listen to Scheherazade by panda bear then listen to mercury man
  • sorry its not scheherazade I cant remember which one it is
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    yeah, I noticed that. i feel like they used the same sample in something else too but I cant think of it atm
  • scheherezade single version has the king tubby sample that plays at the beginning of Mercury Man. if you listen reeeaaal close, you can hear it in the studio verison.
  • i am SO in love with the way mercury just kicks in so hard after the sample is repeated a few times. bumbumbumbumbumbumbum SOOUUUnnndssss liikkee, macheens talkeen toomy on thuhfone
  • anyone watch the live pitchfork paris stream last night? their set was so sick
  • so sick it made you puke!
  • listening to the awesome jam in the middle of live Pulleys makes me wish theyd release Pulleys (Extended Mix)
  • Does anyone have a link to the stream or a recording of it?
  • [quote=G.O. !]took a bit of a long break from listening to this... came back to it and it sounds better than ever!oh man!moonjockey to minky rashes is just damn killer and i'm still pulling for pulleys!pull eyesgrubby hair!and amanita ends it so strong!i wanna go there too![/quote] EVERYTHING HERE!
  • dingdingding, we have a winner ladies and gentlemen!! I hope it will come to me soon aswell.
  • GUYS: i love it
  • YOU BEAT ME TO IT! yeah I love it too its really great, I like how it feels live but not at the same time r something
  • haha! i love the effects on Avey's voice and that little riff (i dont know what it is but it sounds good) that kicks in at 3:11
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    Well, Crimson is here!
  • I feel as though this song has a really great balance between manual and automatic instrumentation
  • what do those mean?
  • Manuel as in conventional instruments that you learn such as guitar, drums, bass, singing and keyboards. Automatic as in samples, buttons, computers, the side I'm not so familiar with but I wish I was.
  • Ohh ok thanks, that makes sense now.
  • sooo weird, this last weekend has felt like spring time
  • Really? The weather in my part of the world has gone straight from an extra long summer through fall and directly into a cold, early winter. Weird weather.
  • It's because of man-bear-pig this is super cereal
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    Hey, I want to add, too, that amanitas are not "unfathomobly strong." They're also not super scary and poisonous... If you eat too many cubes you could have health frights, too. The trick is don't eat fifteen! That's silly -- amanitas are much bigger than many kinds of cubensis. The trip itself was always more dark storybook like than other psychedelics. But I was eating several grams at a time and they were pretty standard trip fare. Just with their own flavor (the trip's flavor, not the mushrooms themselves).
  • compared to lsd what is it like
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    Darker, like a storybook. For me there was a real sense of wonder about it and it was totally mellow, not speedy-intense like acid. More dreamy, sort of like ayahuasca. None of the rumination that frequently accompanies acid, but the visuals and the trip felt less ecstatically happy like cubes often are. It's not really comparable to anything, it's its own thing. It feels different. But it wasn't at all unpleasant like belladonna or something; it was very enjoyable, very mellow and warm. Additionally, they're unscheduled in the U.S. and are sold by multiple online retailers. If someone wanted to, she could presumably have some shipped to her home or to a PO box.
  • I ordered an ounce from a supposedly reputable dealer and ate all of it within an hour.. all it made me do was sweat profusely. Got bunk B. Caapi as well. I guess message me if you want to know the site? Or can I post it?
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