Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album



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    Did you get the stuff grown in the U.S. or the Eastern European variety? I'd go with the former. But if nothing happened to you, then it does sound like you got something fake... bummer. A friend of mine ordered quality ayahuasca ingredients and quality Amanita caps from the site Bouncing Bear. Both worked, both were reasonably priced and he said they were shipped to him quickly. I ate half an ounce of the amanitas twice, and both times I felt just dandy.
  • They were Serbian Grade A caps.. but oh well. I'll try Bouncing Bear once I get some money.
  • You can just buy them online?!?!
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    haha yeah, from what I've read they're only legal because of their status as being poisonous (not sure why this is the case) which they are, but if they're dried right you can kill most of the bad stuff. most online vendors will have done that. If only cubes were legal :(
  • haha they will sell "poison" but not a hallucinogen. There is the government for ya
  • Lol Mitch :P
  • Props to the Mitch man fo speakin truth
  • Would love for them to do a Father Time single with Oneohtrix Point Never remix
  • hahaha I would like to hear Avey sing new town burnout, and panda sing monkey riches
  • Great idea, that's email worthy I'm fosho about.
  • I wish that AC would have stuck with using the old chz album cover. It fits the music so much better. I went and changed it so I use that cover instead of the real one on my ipod haha.
  • Well pitchfork thinks that chz is one of the worst album covers of the year,
  • lol so do i still a good album, though
  • Pitchfork's reader's poll rated chz as the most underrated album of the year, which is pretty interesting to me. I actually voted it as most underrated, too
  • ya it was definitely underrated by pitchfork i could see how its a 7.4, by animal collective standards but by normal standards, man let's just say that it blew everything else i've heard this year out of the water!
  • It has soo much depth and I love that but it is almost too much for me. I cannot sleeps to it so... when i get a device to listen to music on I know centipede will get to me.
  • i lent cphz to my friend and have not gotten it back. :( I also lent danse, indian and spirit and dont have those back eithr :(
  • Hmm... Well you could take that in a bunch of ways i suppose
  • Guys... confession time. I put it as the most disappointing record of the year. I liked it at first but for me it didn't stand up to repeated listens. I'm sorry! I have forsaken us!
  • Whoa, AC announced the second half of their tour. I think I might be going to the one in michigan!! anyone else planning on attending any of their shows in the near future?
  • [quote=claudeavecvin]Guys... confession time. I put it as the most disappointing record of the year. I liked it at first but for me it didn't stand up to repeated listens.I'm sorry! I have forsaken us![/quote] GAH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE D:
  • i dont appreciate pulleys or amanita much after listening to the whole record. it is kinda too much. i love those songs alone tho
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    pulleys is the only one where im like: eh
  • wide eyed makes me eh because of how much potential it had. i wish they had made it a jammer 7 minutes-or-so and made father time around Rosie Oh length. coulda been perfect
  • Huh i could see how that would work out Actually... Pulleys shouldve been the jammer B-)
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    [quote=Ticonderoga]wide eyed makes me eh because of how much potential it had. i wish they had made it a jammer 7 minutes-or-so and made father time around Rosie Oh length. coulda been perfect[/quote] yeah i was so excited for deakin solo but it turned out so meh compared to the live version (esp. the pitchfork performance).
  • 2013 tour?!?!?! WTF~!! This album is meant to live
  • this album... is meant to DIE!~
  • Heheh yeah this is not what i was expecting...
  • applesauce is the best although the others have more potential. Why did they end Rosie oh like that? wide eyed guitar???
  • I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the applesauce video... or maybe it just hasn't grown on me yet. I wanna make a video for Alvin Row, but I don't think I can do it justice.
  • alvin and his chippy monkies (rowing their boat down to hell!)
  • that movie had some dank music bro! no anco music vid has done the song the full justice. its all just interpritation....even if they made the video themselves
  • one has! who can win a rabbit just ice and de-served!
  • one of the best music vids of all time OF ALL TIME!!!
  • and fireworks
  • Yeah Fireworks and Summertime Clothes were both pretty good, I thought. Same with My Girls.
  • i thought my girly girls was pretty weak sauce! fireworks was okay but not much! bearhug was fun but a bit of a mess / wasn't quite enough there! peacebone is probably their 2nd best just cuz it's so weird / fun! that one for water curses was the worst! the hell was that! and the new one is about on the same level i just don't know any more man!
  • I think I liked my girls cause it seemed to fit the message it was so simple just them melting playing music together. I love Fireworks
  • who can win a rabbit was good, yerright. I have my own idea of what my girls looks like and its way different then a 1970's music video
  • My Girls looks like a golf course at midnight with fog everywhere and little creatures running around it.
  • it looks like a dimension with electronic translucent bugs everywhere and a door is slowly opening in front of you
  • like tv static except its green and blue like the album color. you go through the door in brothersport where the bugs disipate and make funny noises before the "till fully grown you got a real good shot"/ Lots or water, caves underwater resevoirs, glaciers, urban woods (simular to lach raven with MPP color scheme) foggy hills. (in in the flowers it starts a flashback of a meadow with a girl in flowers dancing).
  • So good live centipede hrtz is
  • This thread... is dead! This thread was blowing up a year ago!
  • apparently Chz is doomed to be deemed a duffer album!
  • Noooo! Has anyone seen those new live videos they released? Avey's hair is blonde!
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