Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album



  • i remember the FEELS hype! oh god? that was nearly 7 years ago now!
  • why oh why did they go with CENTIPEDGE! god dammit! i HATE those little buggers! maybe the music will sound like DIGITAL CENTIPEDES crawling in yr ears!
  • Santa Peed!
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    I hope the album art involves centipedes, but not an actual image, just something inspired by the way they look and move. Also something out of a Cronenberg movie would be interesting but maybe too realistic for a AC album cover.
  • i hope "from a beach" is on here, renamed!
  • Tic that would be so lovely !! I used to play the shit outta that song
  • i wonder if the whole creeped-out-from-internet-fanbase-fiasco thing influenced the perception of their fans and eventually their music. i wonder...
  • Centipede Hz 100 Hertz Hzzzzzzzzzzzz PLEASE ALMIGHTY SUPERJESUS LET THIS LEAK EARLY!
  • maybe the cover can be some pretty young thang lying in a tub of centipedes! mmm!
  • I agree, Ticonderoga, I am surprised I haven't seen more around the internet about this.... especially after how mpp was viewed/ reacted to.
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    To Mitch: "give her time..." I think when we have an official date, tracklist, album cover, etc. the hype will get more real. 100 Hz is damn low for a frequency so hopefully they will put it on the album! 1500 posts! (i'm half way there, OHHHHHH living on a forum)
  • i support this album...what?
  • I must say this is the coolest looking track list yet. Awesome name for every song, except applesauce! I hate applesauce
  • Loooove apple sauce.
  • I bet it will be similar to honeycomb
  • applesauce comes from the devil.
  • Today's Supernatural most closely resembles a sort of... Wide Eyed Mercury Man... Father Time to a New Town Burnout that blows all of pappy's Monkey Riches on the ol' Applesauce. No help is his scheming wife, Rosie Oh, manipulating the levers and Pulleys from behind closed doors; in a dastardly plot to poison their young cash-grabbin', drink-swiggin' Moonjock with the most potent combination of Amanita and insect venom (of the class Myriapoda). Centipede Hz, indeed.
  • centipede hurts... donut!
  • Found some information on centipedes and wanted to throw it out there, thinking about it in relation to the album and AC in general: sense of sound through mainly vibrations nocturnal complex species over 400 million years old Always thought AC sounded primal.
  • New pitchfork article on the topic http://pitchfork.com/news/46517-animal-collective-new-album-back-to-our-roots/ I've always pictured them in a garage when listening to Here Comes the Indian and such
  • Hmmmm well I read on pitchfork that it is due to come out September 4th, and There is a new single that will drop some time this summer. So im looking forward to that single..... a alot. What the heck is a single, though, anyways?
  • The single might be referring to Honeycomb/Gotham which is coming out in June. Pitchfork gets most of their news info after places like Gorilla vs Bear and CA, so it might be better to check those first.
  • Yeah the single this summer is definitely Honeycomb/Gotham. A single is basically something a band will put out just to get the content out there in an official capacity.
  • I can't sign on to CA! Nor do I really want to. back on track, again! September 4th is less than 4 months away!
  • september 4th, that will be 4 days after my first day of highschool. talk abut the distraction of a lifetime at the worst possible time
  • Two weeks after my first day of college! Why couldn't they release it in June?
  • I've finally trained myself to pronounce Hz as hurts in my mind. I'm falling in love with this name!
  • What grade are you Tickey? Not your FIRST first day, right?
  • Indeed my first first day, I'm in 8th grade
  • Shit! Wow! You are so far ahead in life than I was in 8th grade.
  • Congratulations are in order 8->
  • :) thank you very much. I must admit my peers are not as influenced or nearly enthusiastic about the arts as me. That sounded really nerdy
  • NEEERRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! I fiddled only with popular music and didn't decide to find my own tastes until high school purdy much. You ahead. I hope it doesn't leek because I want to feel the exitement of standing in line to get a copy and take it home with me like a fine woman and desecrate it's pure audio format with my unholy ears.
  • Tikky, I am very glad you found us because you've got another 4 years before your peers catch up to where you are now, and by then you'll be even further ahead, and it won't be until your early 20's that you'll all start to get in sync. 'N Sync!
  • Wow, yeah that will be like a week into my first year in college, which is why i want it to come out this summer instead.... and wow ticonderoga, you are reallly young! 8th grade was like the best year ever for me though.
  • ticonderoga, that's awesome! I'd like to ask some advice - how do I convince my little brother (who is in 7th grade) to put mainstream music to the side and take on the good stuff? On topic: That Pitchfork article up there promises good things, very good things. I'll still have maybe two weeks left to start school when Centipede Hz is released (since we finish pretty late) so something to look forward to at the end of summer!
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    here is the interview with Geo that the Pitchfork article was based on. September the 4th guys !!!! http://soundcloud.com/happysingingband/bbc-radio-1-interview-with
  • I want to listen to that interview but I'm at work! Errrrg
  • Dumb question, but when the single is released this summer, will there be more than just honey comb and Gotham on it?
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    Nope. It'll just be the two songs, on vinyl only I think. Also digital on itunes.
  • The digital's actually already out. Yeah I'm hoping that there is another single coming out this summer too though. That would be nice.
  • with one or two of the bees (the bees!) b-sides! hopefully not dodgy remixes!
  • They did a gangster ass version of Taste at Pitchfork last year and I would love them to release that remix. If anybody knows where to get a good quality recording of that mix I NEED IT
  • rokkky, it honestly depends on who he is. thats a hard question actually. if he hasnt already found other music then he probably hasnt even really developed a taste for music yet. have you showed him MPP and such? also i am glad you guys enjoy the fact that i am young. (chris hanson is watching this forum as of now)
  • Rokky, I like that. Our brains can only accept so much. The best way to learn is by mimic. That's how we lean language, although that is inherent. Music is an inherent love, as well, so just let him hear YOU enjoy it. S'all it takes. Trust me, I'm a librarian.
  • public library?
  • I read that as pubic library. Maybe I shouldn't have had that coffee and spurt everything flowing from my mind.
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