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  • I am about 100% percent sure that Deakin's song will become my favorite AC song. I love every part of it. His voice is amazing (I am not exactly why, I think it reminds me of something...).I also love that they opened Pitchfork with that song.
  • thats gonna be great. i really hope its as long on the album as the live performance
  • Which one is "I'd rather"? Did they play it at Pitchfork? Btw, this is my last day of high school.
  • its also known as i'm on my own. "id rather not say nooooo". i think its from pitchfork
  • not keeping up on the new songs so the next album is entirely fresh REALLY made me feel like i lost touch with AC and the fangs! ... like i'm no longer a superfan! gah! it saddens me! but it is the ONLY way! floor ward!
  • hopefully it doesn't take me 3months to hear the new album after it comes about... oh GOD?
  • why would that be?
  • i get all weird about it! can't handle ze pressure! took me +2 weeks to hear in rainbows / mpp and like three months to finally give in to the king of limb sin! i've got serious problems! maybe in the future i won't even be able to handle listening to music!
  • i'll just dream and long for the days that i used to!
  • What did you think of the Limbs of Kings? It's all electronicnica!
  • sometimes it feels like rainbows was groovy songs but not enough experimentation ("maturing" / growing older... more mellow!) and then LIMES was the experimentation but not enough of the songs quite hit! ... i don't know! it's kinda sad when a band you really damn dug goes past their peak and you know it! i try to think that as long as they put out pretty good stuff it's just a nice bonus! it can't last forever! though some REALLY love rainbows and hold up as high if not higher than ze classic album duo (OK KID!) ... so who knows! ... that just seems insane to me! this has also kind of happened with super furry animals... with AC it is kind of hard to say! ... they've done good about dodging it / doing VERY different things where in some ways it feels almost like 5 years! it's hard to know WHERE they are! and what will happen!
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    Has anyone read the press release for Centipede Hz? Even more pumped for it now! http://dominorecordco.com/artists/animal-collective
  • Wow! Thanks for the link Ziggy. Their most fully realized release yet? That's insane. That's what everyone was saying about MPP... I wonder if there will ever be an expiry date on AnCo.
  • Ziggy, that article just gave me a mini-heart attack. I am very happy that Panda is on on sit-down drums. The way the album was described as " lost radio transmissions" and as if it came from outer space sounds absolutely amazing.
  • They used a middle school choir on two songs! This reminds me of fearless by pink Floyd
  • I almost had a heart attack too, Narnia. I want to let the album speak for itself, but the way it's being described sounds like it's gonna be a mix of Strawberry Jam and Here Comes the India. ARRGH. Anyone else get the feeling that even though this is their tenth album, that they're just getting started? It's weird.
  • ive heard that theyre making one more album after this then theyre done as a band. :( i really hope this isnt true
  • Where'd you hear that? Doesn't seem likely because they're not even really a band, plus they're best friends. If someone didn't feel like working on a new record then they'd just sit it out like Deakin did. Also they don't seem like the kind of people to make plans like that, they usually just go with whatever feels right. Then again they have been talking about how touring is straining and stuff for their marriages and kids, etc. I dunno. I don't want to know!
  • Lost radio transmissions? Genius. Conceptually this album is already better then everything that's been released this year so far.
  • i heard it on CA like a year ago. i guess its not very plausible
  • All we need now is an Animal Collective double disc concept album. Also, would you consider STGSTV to be the only other Animal Collective concept album?
  • what concept are you talking about? just music of childhood?
  • moonjock is the kewlest first song name. amanita is the only song title im not feelin
  • a man i ta lked to! it feels oddly like there isn't as much hyper hype around this as their damn well should be! i guess after MPP insanity nothing could quite compare! and it's been so long! but still... seems a bit off! i'm not just talking here but other places too... but then again i don't know what was really talked about for MPP maybe by mid summer things will really heat up!
  • It's damn exciting, certainly. I'm wary about the middle school choir though. That's silly of me, maybe, though, because it could be awesome!
  • I was so excited to hear that Radio 1 interview (believe me, they play utter crap almost all day long). Having only recently got my head around the roles Panda, Avey, & Geologist play in AnCo, could someone please give me some examples of what has Deakin has contributed in previous albums and what we could expect from him in Centipede Hz?
  • he just rocks out on guitar. he was very prominent in HCTI and SJ. im guessing he'll be playing guitar similar to the one in Gotham for Centipede Hz. he also has one song with lead vocals! wide eyes!
  • I believe that STGSTV is not only the music of childhood but the troubles of growning up and becoming an adult. I could talk about WHY I think this, but this is not the thread. A lot of the lyrics made me think this way, so if you or anyone else hasn't paid much attention to the lyrics the concept may not be as complete as I say it to be. Long live the deaks!
  • In reference to the track title "Amanita", I feel like Panda Bear would have a lot of influence in that track or the naming of it, it just sounds to me like something that would be on Tomboy or something.
  • Well Amanita is just a reference to the mushroom. Amanita Muscaria, I believe is the full name. Never had it myself though.
  • MUSK? oh god!
  • animal collective mutating into mollusks!
  • Or it could be a reference to the Fly Amanita mushroom from the video game Skyrim!
  • Yeah could be Peacefish! I play Skyrim and never made the connection
  • Is it Amanita? Huh. I always thought of it as Amantia. No that's wrong. AC are srimmers!
  • more like swimmers! YOU COULD BE CLAUDE! claude dammit!
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    Thou shalt not use the Claude's name in vain.
  • "Amanita" sort of sounds like "Benfica", so I think I see where you're coming from, blinky
  • I love your name Elusive.
  • Looks like the mushrooms from Mario video games.
  • It's the most popular representation of a hallucinogenic mushroom in art basically, although most people don't get amanita for spacey purposes, they get cubensis
  • I really like that picture.
  • Now I really have an idea of what Amanita will sound like.
  • teeheeheeee. Led zeplin referenced lord of the rings a lot. I wonder how many bands will refference skyrim. I cannot wait. Deeks voice sounds like phil leshes voice. if they did an acoustic version of what would i want sky they could probably just have him sing "what would I want? SKy!" instead of sampling phil lesh singing in the unbrocken chain. Is that Avey playing base in gotham>>>?
  • I don't know if Avey played bass, but he probably played guitar on at least one of the tracks for this album. Although Deakin was the main guitar player he could have been playing bass. If I had a band i'd reference Skyrim!
  • there's an arrow (to the bees knees!)
  • ahh after seeing that picture I recall that mushroom. Not that many people eat it because the trip is seriously like unfathomably nuts.
  • i thought that's what people wants! well what the damn hell
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