Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album



  • the bass does not sound sampled. its fairly intricate guitar playing while singings going on. sounds like deeks. i assummmered. I wanna eat the mushroom
  • I'd Rather is such an addictive somg, i have no idea why! Panda's best songs are always like that!
  • Amanita is such an awesome name for a song, and a complete in your face meaning too. Amanita muscaria is actually a extremely hallucinogenic mushroom, when I say extreme, I do mean that, It can kill you your first time using it because they are so strong and toxic, it has been said that eating 15 caps will kill you. This just shows me more that Animal Collective are experienced trippers, and that shines through in their music.
  • "I'd Rather" reminds me of the music at a carnival or an arcade game.
  • When do you think it'll be available for pre-orders?
  • What must you acquire? The shrooms or Centipede Hz?
  • The latter. 8-}
  • i'd club a baby seal for a studio version of i'd rather
  • Well let's wait so no poor baby seals will be injured.
  • arent our good ol animal friends peta members or somat??? Anyhoo, im too damn lazy to go to the zoo and club a seal
  • Yup - http://www.spinner.com/2009/10/21/animal-collective-saves-seals-with-peta/ I don't think they're members but they supported them by doing an ad campaign. Huh, Animal Collective changed my mind about fur.
  • That poor seal... I have to say, it takes a special group of forum members to go from discussing an album to cruelty against seals. *Group hug*
  • Too Much Love! LCD Soundsystem or Sufjan, there is too much love.
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    strange that he picked monkey riches as the big hit. that was my least favorite bootlegged song
  • "Casual listeners have nothing on avid online-forum users, who post hundreds of comments discussing solo work and tracking the progression of new songs as they are performed at each subsequent live set by trading bootlegs, interviews and gossip." Sounds like us or CA (mainly CA, but I still like it)!
  • definitely CA haha in terms of gossip
  • def. makes me want to wear a big furry coat to the next ac gig! made of seal! mr. ex heidi klum! dyke bar!
  • with the head as a hat
  • with the arm as a bat! used against those clubbing those damn seals! it'd be the ultimate irony!
  • and that johny is how baseball became illigal in canada.
  • i wonder what it will be like, seems a different vibe altogether
  • harsh smashing a seal in the middle of a animal collective interview about seals while my girls is playing in the background.....editors show yourselves!
  • Pitchfork posted a tour trailer !!!!!!!!!
  • YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means a tour!
  • nowhere near me
  • The lack of Wisconsin in this tour saddens me.
  • ive always thought of AC as the type of band to play in milwaukee. guess not :(
  • EPIC.......they are playing near me, in the uk.... WINNING! ..... you've had it good in the us for ages...time for the real fans to make an appearance :D !
  • I live in wisconsin as well. I am still determined to see them. It will be a freekin vacation. I will save up and take off or quit whatever I am doing. I would be happy to give a ride to any nearby goers. I just don't know which date/place is the most practical. Why does vancouver have to hover over the west coast??? Georgia?
  • I'm 2000 miles away from the nearest Animal Collective Concert, I don't think i'm THAT desperate. Anyways, they WILL have a second leg where they have to hit Chicago or something.
  • You speak the truth Peacey, and once there's a Chicago show I shall be there
  • are you certain? I could wait a bit longer if they were to
  • I swear I heard something that said that the band will do a second tour. You should probably do some research.
  • They are doing a second leg. They said it on FB.
  • they post on facebook?
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    yes. this is what they wrote: Hello, we will be traveling to you this fall.... Dates and ticket info here: www.myanimalhome.net We will be doing a pre-sale starting tomorrow 6/12. UK/EU dates will be on sale at 9am BST and North American Dates will be on sale at 10am EST. Now we know you aren't all being paid a visit on this first run, but don't worry, it's only the beginning. See you in a bit, AC I rarely use FB and don't really like it. But I keep it for reasons like that^.
  • "but don't worry, it's only the beginning". Are they our Alien overlords? [..] Aslo: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my GOSH! They are coming to a place near me!
  • I know. That is why I am not at all worried. I can't wait for the future to start.
  • They better come to Australia. Oh please oh please oh please.
  • imagine down there down under! hoho! GeoBerries!
  • I bet Avey would make that joke too.
  • then he starts parading around the stage like some wannabe rapper singing "up in here! up in here! avey bout to lose his mind!" then just starts FREAKING out then things get REALLY cerebral! and he out coxes the cox!
  • HI GUYS They're not coming to Denver. Again.
  • They'll probably reach it on the second leg.
  • Hello Doc! Long time, no see!
  • "I remember saying, ‘This is going to be harder for people to swallow.’ There’s no doubt about it: people are going to react to this. It wasn’t being bummed about it or a critical comment of the music or anything ­— I’m really stoked and I think the record’s amazing, personally. But there was an instant melodic gratification to Merriweather and I think we intentionally made a record this time that is a lot more…um… [laughs] We took a left turn at weird town. For the most part, every song, in terms of the way the record is laid out and the choices we made sonically, is way more challenging. And that’s been verified by every person I’ve played it for so far. People have said they love the record. Friends of ours have said it took them two or three times to even understand it. Merriweather is not that. From the first note of Merriweather you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I just wanna dance’ or ‘My heart’s exploding.’ This is more like, ‘This is amazing but I’m confused and I don’t quite know what’s going on and I think I need to listen to it again and maybe I should turn it off." - Deakin. "we took a left turn at weird town" this makes me so happy
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