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    I laughed at that part. This whole thing makes me feel like my heart is going to explode. I am so excited and so happy that everyone is on this record. The concept of the album is amazing. AC's level of perfection is unparalleled.
  • And so it has been said by the almighty Deaks (paraphrasing here) "This shit is weird again".
  • That deaks quote excites me
  • That's awesome! Weird town!
  • Oh my god that makes me so excited. It sounds like the perfect album
  • I really hope this album sounds exactly like honeycomb/gotham
  • screw peoples throats.. thats what i say! (did that come out wrong?)
  • Better be good tho otherwise I'm gonna have to release propaganda against all their previous work
  • I am not sure whether I like it or not... though I know the album itself will be amazing.
  • I have to be honest and say I'm a bit disappointed with the new album cover. It feels a little tacky. Album covers play a huge role in setting the tone of an album for me, in terms of colors, textures, shapes. And this just isn't visually stimulating for me. Kinda wish they would've used the honeycomb artwork instead. That artwork kicked ass. But hey, just my opinion.
  • I agree Dan! This feels like a Black Dice cover, tacky for the sake of being tacky in my opinion (or maybe it'll get better when the album comes out). The Honeycomb cover DID kick ass, and even though it was simple, it fitted the music real well. See that centipede on the right side of the lips, that is freaking me out!
  • Just wait, it will be a rap album. (I could picture them as rappers though).
  • Oh fuck it, I love it! Seriously, after about ten minutes of just looking at the thing while listening to Wide Eyed and Monkey Riches, I found that I love it. Sorry for being so bipolar about this.
  • At first I thought it didn't look like AnCo at all. But it matches the description Deakin gave doesn't it? It's sloppy and weird and not as aestethic and pretty as MPP. Admittedly, imho it's a bit too sloppy. But you just wait, when Centipede comes out we'll be eating our words!
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    Geez guys, at least it's not this: [IMG]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_veuak8Cilmw/SGIoBFwbkZI/AAAAAAAADCc/1Ts2QKM5D_g/s400/mj1.jpg[/IMG] That being said (shown) I think the new album cover encapsulates the aesthetic of the album. The pop art lips are the more streamlined pop/rock that are the center of the songs and the backdrop, which reminds me of old radar computers, is the electronic. Like the beginning of Honeycomb that starts with the samples then moves on to Panda's drums and Avey singing. I could be reading too much into it, but I just wanted to also explain why I like, not just say that I like it.
  • Aergh! My eyes! CURSE YOU, CLAWED!
  • I'm really diggin it, Peacey I thought the same thing about it being similar to a BD cover
  • Maybe the guys at Black Dice designed it like they did with the visuals at one of AnCo's shows (some big one... either Lollapalooza or Coachella).
  • Could be ! But I know Abby had something to do with it..her style is written all over this thing
  • True, true.
  • It's alright. Didn't really have high expectations of it anyway. Maybe the music will match perfectly with the album cover.
  • Simple fact is, I can't explain WHY I like this cover! I think you said some of the reasons why I like the album cover, Clawed, but there is just something about the album cover that makes it special compared to other AC covers. Maybe it is because it doesn't look like any other animal collective cover(obvious statement), but it seems unique enough to where I can already make CHz have it's own identity in my mind.
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    It fits in with the weird Centipede Hz teaser though, so it felt quite familiar when I first saw it. I think I like it :-?
  • What Zaphox said - having listened to the bootlegs and seen the previews for the album thus far, this feels right. It's not as if Animal Collective hasn't had weird album covers in the past. It definitely has that lo-fi, almost amateur aesthetic, but I dig that. Gives it a unique identity.
  • Panda's holding a pizza! Yum.
  • i vote for pizza, i wish those crazy samples went throughout the whole honeycomb song. the best part is the beggining. once the bass line gets serious a get a little bit bored.
  • I actually find Honeycomb gets better the louder you listen to it, and Honeycomb in my opinion, is so much better when played through speakers instead of headphones. It just fills up the room and I start dancing and shit.
  • Oh god. It's horrifically ugly. I love it.
  • Seriously. Purposefully ugly and tacky art has to be some of my favorite stuff. This is my desktop background right now
  • It reminds me of the album cover to Prodigy's Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Not just because it has lips on it, but the drastic difference in style compared to earlier covers.
  • Hey, you guys mentioned bootlegs, links please? So would bootlegs = live material which could very well be from Centipede?
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    Wow, thanks for the link. Not too much except for they're not doing as much layered vocals and the aggresive, loud description. Sounds awesome, especially for the live experience.
  • "It feels like an 18-year-old with a garage band." This makes me happpeeeee
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    In reply to Mzrokkks, Oh wow, I thought everyone had seen the bootlegs by now. Here's some, but there are tons of snippets all over YouTube. Fair warning to listeners or watchers though, these contain the majority, if not all of the content that will be on Centipede Hz, in one way or another. So if you don't want to spoil it, stay away. http://www.mediafire.com/?oneng3kdovaqsdu - Petaluma 4/10/11 (Audio) http://www.mediafire.com/?s5pyej8uj7x0loi - Redway 4/12/11 (Audio) - Redway 4/12/11 (Video) http://www.mediafire.com/?3dnuqnc4p8pc056 - Coachella 4/16/11 (Audio) - Wide Eyed, Stop Thinking/Let Go, DYSTW, Tomboy 2: Electric Boogaloo, Brothersport, Summertime Clothes - Coachella 4/16/11 (Video) http://www.mediafire.com/?vnwpdcnbswx165u - ATP Minehead 5/14/11 (Audio) http://www.mediafire.com/?3z6p8c472zbh8ye - Brussels 5/18/11 (Audio) - Monkey Riches & Brothersport - Electronic Beats 5/19/11 (Video) http://www.mediafire.com/?en6ck4bv86nq74q - Prospect Park 7/12/11 (Audio) http://www.mediafire.com/?pn15xo551ilgohv - Mr. Smalls 7/13/11 (Audio) http://www.mediafire.com/?68lyc8ix8xqvnml - Pitchfork Festival 7/15/11 (Audio) - Monkey Riches & Brothersport - Pitchfork Festival 7/15/11 (Video) http://www.mediafire.com/?zdqlnvtz37qjb90 - Fly Me to the Moon, Barcelona 7/21/11 (Audio) - Fly Me to the Moon, Barcelona 7/21/11 (Video)
  • Thanks a lot Frumpkin, much appreciated! I have quite a lot of stuff to listen to now..
  • Am I the only one who's waiting for the album to listen ?
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    I'm waiting, too, though I heard a small snippet of what was formerly speculated as being titled "Knock You Down" ("Monkey Riches?") a few months back. My situation might be a bit different from most who are waiting, however, because my wait will be filled with material I haven't yet heard from them: I just started listening to People, Water Curses, and Down There and I still have Sung Tongs, Fall Be Kind, Prospect Hummer, and Tomboy waiting for me on my shelf yonder to my left from where I sit. Those will hold me! I imagine they'd hold me til even longer if they had to. Heard Water Curses yesterday for the first time, as a matter of fact. Inside Fever! Indeed, I've had it.
  • I haven't listened to the boots in forever. And plan to keep it that way until the album.
  • I tried to stay away. But I gave in. Take This Weight and Mercury Man are so good I was trembling when I first heard them. Ugh, September can't come any slower :(
  • Frights (Honeycomb) and Your Choice (Gotham) were two of the weakest songs in my opinion from the bootlegs, but after hearing what they sounded like in-studio, I don't feel as if the bootlegs spoil much for me at this point. I'm just super excited to hear the material I've been playing on my iPod for months now polished and with flairs added. I'm stoked to be able to sing along on the first listen.
  • AGAIN i am without internet when news breaks. anyways, i dont love the album cover. it is pretty cool though. im positive that it will make sense once we get to listen to the album. didnt everybody hate the MPP cover? that was before people got used to the album
  • But imagine the thrill of listening to 11 new AC tracks that you'd never heard before all at once! The first listen will be incredible
  • I've only listened to the stream of them at Pitchfork.
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    OH MY GOOD LORD WHAT IS THIS MADNESS: It's Moonjock, and it sounds pretty darn close to studio version, and the video description reads: [i]If you want any more Centipede HZ tracks, just ask BDH (Big Dog Hampus) at last.fm/user/mecoptera[/i] The vid was uploaded yesterday. We should follow this up right? RIGHT? GUYS WHAT DO YOU THINK?!!!?!?!?!**$&^*"()&"*(%!^_(!^hnwxjb_g(g"y^xgx
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  • WHY LOL? THIS IS UNFURIATING, TICONDEROGA! HERE IS A PICTURE OF A BISHOP WITH A GUN! [IMG]http://iowntheworld.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Gun-Priest.jpg[/IMG]
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