Centipede Hz - New Animal Collective Album



  • i cant tell if you're trolling or not
  • @vesufius While I agree in principle, every first listen I ever have is always difficult. I try to pick out too much, and I'm the kind of person that's typically cynical about stuff I'm not familiar with... it would take me many listens to really have any of it get into my head, which isn't a bad thing, but having experienced Honeycomb and Gotham after hearing the bootlegs, I love the sense of familiarity that instantly washed over me. I was so jazzed aha. But to each his own I guess! :)
  • All good things come to an end eventually. I don't doubt we'll stop seeing solo work - musicians are a breed that is ever-creating.
  • :|..........................:'(
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    What will that mean for the forum? Will we have to go on...hiatus? :(( :(( :(( :(( :((
  • At least we'll still have their solo material to look forward to. =|
  • We still have the goddamn album and tour to look forward to guys !
  • Got Damnit! That guy trolled me! I was like half way through and thought, "this isn't AC, it can't be". I was almost convinced when I heard that Avey like scream. I've already thought of how i'm going to cope when AC spilts up, it'll be easier since i'm already satisfied by their previous albums, so if CHz is their last album together, I really wouldn't mind too much. Especially if we get solo work by three of the members. Hopefully i'll get to see them live before the split up.
  • That article doesnt really say anything. All we learn from it is that they haven't made plans for the future, that's all. Stupid NME, scaring me like that.
  • I don't know how I feel about that album cover, but no one really knows if that is going to be the OFFICIAL cover for C-HZ. Maybe they'll make something different! And as far as that "breaking up" article goes, that is not even the first time Panda has said he is really unsure about the future of AC, he said something just like that right after MPP got released. So no one panic!! AC 4 LYFE!!!!!!
  • lennox is such a downer, i bet you anything if you asked deakin about them breaking up he'd be like whhaaatt?????!?!?!?!?!?
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    still, thinking about them not making music anymore gives me this hole in my chest, i cant bear it. today was so weird i had it in the back of my head all day
  • Nah. Even if they break up, I predict they'll do a bunch of solo stuff, then they'll go quiet for a while, then they'll do a short tour, then an EP comes out, and THEY'RE BACK!! (Doesn't that sound nice and plausible and acceptable?)
  • I like so many TV shows/movies and bands that the sheer amount of them all seems to make me ALMOST accepted that one day they WILL STOP all stop making great art. Until then, I'm going to panic about when the next season of Walking Dead will start, etc.
  • How would a board go on hiatus? Doesn't make sense to me, this place is just as much about us than it is AC. Maybe more about us.
  • yeah i would stay here, and you could always discuss their solo projects
  • It's hard to imagine Geo going on to new things. Maybe he'd go into production?
  • Hmm, I reckon they'll do more stuff.. sounds like they'll have a break after the upcoming tour but it's not like they've got a good reason to stop working together. Sounds more like Noah is just concerned that Anco keep a happy balance of creating their own music and not becoming commercial.
  • I really doubt they'll break up. The article doesn't even really say they will. If Panda said "yeah, we're making a new album!" it would get everyone needlessly excited. AC has always been cautious with this sort of thing. Plus NME just shamelessly used that headline to get attention. It should probably read 'Centepede Hz is Going to be Weird, Says Animal Collective' or something. Plus, there is literally a quote in there that calls Animal Collective "laptop Beach Boys". That just wants to make me eat my elbows. That's a good picture of them though!
  • On one hand laptop Beach Boys is a huge compliment, on the other hand it's drastically inaccurate. Oh well, I never was a huge fan of NME. There's something about those Brit music journalists!
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    Is this really a new track leaked?!?!
  • Nope, its 60 Watt Kid, sounding like AC. We all got Trolled!
  • The vocals are the dead give away for me, amongst other things.
  • Goddamnit! I just spent over an hour looking for the album cause I thought it leaked. EFFFFFFFFFFFF
  • You're right Claude, I'm from England and the NME are complete assholes. I never listen to anything they put out, they're always trying to wind peoples fans up. Whilst I'm not really a The Smiths/Morrissey fan anymore I remember they tried to make it seem several times that Morrissey is a serial fascist. They just twisted his words and threw much more light on certain words than others. I mean Morrissey might be a miserable pessimist but he's not a racist!
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    Bowser's Castle whoaa Bowsers Castle shot fire at MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Yall are missing out, the SNES samples and references are insane. Vanilla Dome, King Boo, Yoshi, Rainbow Road.Definitely a huge Video game theme going on here. Took a couple listens to get me hooked. Im bout to break out the old Super Nintendo put this record on and get a little weird.
  • AC is supposedly going to be on Letterman (again) this Friday.
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    According to my Comcast channel guide thingy, they are going to be on this Wednesday. You guys should find out the exact date but my TV guide also says that Friday is a rerun. I wonder what sing they'll play, and I just want to see Letterman's reaction to it! I'm really pumped up about it, although I've heard 8 out of the 11 songs on Centipede Hz preformed live, it's still going to be cool seeing them on there. Plus, Deakin wasn't there last time, he's going to be jumping up and down playing his guitar this time around! Edit: This is straight form the Late Show website Monday, June 25 Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) Jimmie Walker (Book, "Dyn-o-mite!") Diamond Rugs (CD, "Diamond Rugs") Tuesday, June 26 LeBron James (MVP, NBA Champion Miami Heat) Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) Maroon 5 (CD, "Overexposed," and Live On Letterman Webcast) Wednesday, June 27 Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) The Gaslight Anthem (CD, "Handwritten" and Live On Letterman Webcast) Thursday, June 28 Blake Lively (Savages) Drew Brees Comedian Moody McCarthy (Stand-Up) Friday, June 29 Bill Murray (Moonrise Kingdom) The Temper Trap (CD, "The Temper Trap") It looks like something is wrong with someones website or TV guide!
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    @Treeroots - Yeah I remember reading about that. I think the only thing I like about NME is their first listens segments, it's nice to get a full album stream and descriptions. I tried getting into Q as well because I thought it would be nice to be able to get the magazine, but I didn't like it either, the reviews seemed so off.
  • YAY! They've come full circle. The garage band comments were said about here comes the Indian as well. Now I need to see them and carry the torch and my life will be reborn. I hope to learn all the songs and be able to sing them and I'm glad they do what they want. This album sounds right up my alley. Bet your ass I'm recording the next few lettermans. If they are done after that so be it. If I was them I would want the right to continue or not and to live my life. Maybe in the future I would get bored and want to put out more music, maybe all my friends are bored and want to jam again and maybe even do another tour or maybe even another album thirty years down the road but I would just want to be in control. That's what they are all about. Doing what they want to and not what they have to and I only feel bad for those who won't get to see them and hope I'm not one of those fans.
  • Right on Sage! I will watch Letterman all week so i'm guaranteed not to miss it!
  • That would be cool if there was some Geologist singing too. I've heard some of his vocalizations...on youtube
  • According to my sources, AC is going to perform on Thursday.
  • Like I said, the best plan is to watch the Late Show every night this week or wait for it to be on youtube.
  • Well tomorrow is Thursday... I really hope they perform a new song.
  • I know! So do I. I'm really excited for this performance. I hope Letterman isn't a douche again...
  • Oh man... "wallpaper section" and "trick or treaters"! Noah looked pissed off!!
  • what? are you^ saying they were on tonight?
  • No he's talking about the time when AC did Summertime Clothes on Letterman and Letterman was kind of being douche saying their album art looked like wallpaper and their performers were trick or treaters.
  • i realized that right after i posted that haha, didnt feel like editting
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    I'll be watching tomorrow night, and who wants guess on which song they'll play? I'll say they'll play "A Long Time Ago".
  • im praying for let go or i'd rather (today's supernatural or pulleys?)
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    Let Go is my second guess btw. I'm hoping for Wide Eyed (Deaks song), but the odds are not in our favor for that to happen.
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  • I would hazard a guess that it will be Honeycomb. Bands rarely do the talk show gig for an album that isn't out yet - typically it's to promote a single or an album that has already been released (Honeycomb/Gotham). And since I doubt Gotham would go over as well with the late night crowd, I'm betting HC. But, AC could come from left field and surprise me (fingers crossed), in which case I'm hoping for Take This Weight :)
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