Best and Worst Song To Introduce Someone to AnCo?



  • Here comes the indiginous Americans! Panda always soaks his voice with reverb and Avey has that erm... whatever it is called. equalizer? noooo... lakablecky dress
  • AnCo never sounded American to me, as some bands do. I'd have guessed they were...I don't know, somewhere from Northern Europe? Possibly Japan? Maybe north east Africa?
  • I was thinking they were French or Californian after MPP.
  • im pretty sure that Here Comes The Indian is referring to native amercans
  • Sweet Road sounds like a song one would salsa dance to.
  • sweet road is my least favorite song on ST. dont ask me why
  • Heh heh that picture^^ I think of a banjo when I think of a hillbilly. SW, reminds me of the song "America" in West Side Story, or even flamenco dancing. And Ty, I can't believe you don't like Sweet Road?!? I really like SR, not sure why though... probably because the upbeat sound .The Softest Voice is my least favorite on ST.
  • i love SW but every other song is better on that album imo.
  • "i got bad reactions from brothersport. they say "this sounds mexican"...wth?" ha! i used to hear it as you have the right to go! way down to mexico! oh yeah oh yeah let's go! here we go here we go! in my MIND! there are def. some damn mexican ties! imagine had they called it Here Comes the Native American ... ha!!! that'd be so off!
  • they're indians god dammit!
  • INJUNS! :(|)
  • "you have the right to go! way down to mexico! oh yeah oh yeah let's go! here we go here we go!" LOL :)) Bro Sport will never be the same now. Summertime Clothes is probably the perfect starter track. It's fast paced, upbeat, melodic, fun and fresh. It doesn't get too repetitive like My Girls/Bro Sport and isn't as twangy and hooty as Strawberry Jam's offerings. I've personally had some success with Lion In A Coma - go figure. Worst? Hey Light, despite how much I wanna have that song's babies.
  • I have a firend who hates Lion In A Coma though, he loves Summertime Clothes and Fireworks, but for some reason he has a huge problem with Lion in a Coma. He also said My Girls made him sleepy. He's probably not that reliable but I think Animal Collective are one of those bands that you only introduce to people that already have a slight interest in the genre.
  • Agreed - I showed my sister MPP and she said it sounded like a electronic version of old music. Which I think is awesome, but she wasn't into at all. Oh well, back to Kanye.
  • spirit theyve vabnished. anything off danse(except for essplode and throwing the round ball) TTG, hollindagain, flesh canoe, hey light, slippi, panic. Those are all great starters!!!!! Lets go, oh yeah lets go, oh yeah lets go to mexico! MAN!!! They are American but they don't seem American. They are the worlds band. Some communual plethera of poopy in the fountain of notes blah blah blah I had gream today, (with great ice cream)
  • Banshee Beat is NOT a good song to show someone. The first 2 minutes of it will be really awkward...
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    every single time i play an AC song in the car (besides winter's love) she says its the worst song shes ever heard edit: im talking about my mom
  • Anytime I play AC songs (especially Feels), my mother is like "why are they screaming at me??" and goes on about how disturbing it sounds. Ughhh
  • I'm so sick of haters! My brain doesn't get not liking something just for the sake that someone else likes it and what not. Why can't more people just be positive about things? [img][/img]
  • [img][/img] back on topic... I think if you know anyone that already is prejudiced to Animal Collective, make sure you have them listen to Different types of AC. Like a song from each album, a haevy song, a folk song, a poppy song, a electronic song, a really weird song, but no abrasive songs, those would kill your chances of them liking it.
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    I went from Banshee Beat and Winters Love to My Girls and Summertime Clothes. My mom thoguht they were two different bands
  • Winters Love followed by Did You See the Words, Fireworks, and Summertime Clothes are my four go to songs if I want to introduce them to my roommate and the other people I meet at college.
  • brother sport was my first AC song and i loved it, but i wasnt the type to look into bands and be really into music at the time, so it didnt really get me "into" AC. my brother said before the song started that there was an annoying repetitive part in the middle so i disregarded it and ignored it in order to enjoy the song. nowadays i legitimately love that part, its such a great buildup.
  • I think a majority of us had a tough time getting into some songs by Animal Collective and some of us needed to fast forward into the more accessible and more groovey parts of certain songs. Brothersport was a great example, but I also skipped the last 2 minutes of Lion in a Coma, the begining and ending of My Girls, and the first 3 minutes of Banshee Beast all the time. I bet there were even more songs that I skipped over. Oh God? Oh dear Lord Deakin, forgive me for thy have sinned, and let me be an Animal Collective fan once again.
  • I love how the music grows on you!!!!!! It's not easy to get into though. I want to see their song making process.
  • i used to skip untitled and everyone whistling while listening to spirit :(. i read a great youtube comment about untitled painting a horrible picture and i decided to give it another chance.
  • Ticon: the murder comment? I still can't stomach Untited
  • I like the murder comment also. It perfectly describes how the song sounds, imo. Untitled is still nowhere near being my favorite on STGSTV though.
  • I think it's funny how we all saw that Youtube comment about how Untitled sounded like a murder and it seems as if we all agree on how it DOES do a good job describing the song. I tend to think that the song represents the murder of our younger selves when we get older, just a wild thing that pops up into my mind. Usually Youtube comments are just hate, but that one was special.
  • haha yes thats what i was talking about
  • You guys are judging yourselves and the music you claim to love based on sources outside yourselves. That means you have no souls. :/ Sorry. But in compliance with the thread, if I was trying to look cool i would play for someone "College" because it's short, pretty, and says you don't have to go to college. Pretty rebellious, ye? That's what the cool kids like.
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    the hell are YOU tryna say?? In compliance with this thread if I was a pretentiously ironic snob i sure as hell wouldnt show anyone CARROTS!!! I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but ya can't go round telling people they don't have souls, man. Itsnot very nice y'know...
  • just coming here to say Orange Twin Field Works is actually amazing.
  • Tell 'im Sufy
  • Lolz tic you rule
  • :D yu tu purp
  • Untitled--never thought of it that way. It sounds like a galactic shoot out to me. Lots of lazers, but no explosions and certainly no blood. That said, as my neighbor lay down on his car yesterday, I saw my opportunity to blast an Animal Collective song out the window. Reverend Green and Guys Eyes did it. He yelled up to me on the second floor "What is that?" and now he's set for a musical discovery.
  • We all run this place, we all rule! But that was awesome Ticon, seriously. All of us are just so full of win that Crimson got jealous. [img][/img] He's doing it, because he's jealous. Now you see why we like to keep the board small... Anyway, that is a cool story Oaken, I bet we all wish we could play some AnCo for our neighbors. Sadly, all three of my neighbors would complain or be turned off instantly by the Collectives music.
  • man that guy is SUCH a damn nerd!
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