8-Bit music

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I'm not a huge fan of 8 Bit music, but someone released full album version of Kid A and Ok Computer, which are AMAZING. Definitely worth checking out. http://pitchfork.com/news/46600-listen-radioheads-entire-kid-a-and-ok-computer-albums-as-8-bit-video-game-music/ Anyone else want to share good 8 Bit music they've come across?


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    megaman for NES, they all have superb music all 6 have such intricate, fulfilling melodies
  • I meant more 8-bit covers of music, or original works outside of games. I wish I played the Mega Man games, maybe I should get an emulator.
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    My little Pony Music, 8 bit style! Sorry, but that is the only 8-bit music outside the nintendo universe. We need some 8 bit STGSTV!
  • 8 Bit AnCo would be crazy.... is it possible?
  • Someone here needs to get a couple good electronic music making programs and synths!
  • This makes the bear on my arm all tingly, it just wants to daaaance right off me !
  • :D I love your tattoo!
  • I do as well. I still owe you designs for our tats Claw
  • We still have a long time to design, and you don't really owe me anything, but they would be cool to see. And if you make a design now and still like/love it a year later it's probably a keeper.
  • this is true. I have a couple done just not really digging them all too much, once I have something worth showing I will send it to you
  • Cool cool cool
  • 8-bit Radiohead is awesome!
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    Kid 8-bit! actually one thing that was really groovy to hear was radiohead albums converted down to 8 kbps or whatever... it became damn alien submurjied and such and is a whole different experience! what it adds... and what it takes away hey!
  • hell yeaaaah
  • I used to be seriously into this genre. I'm pretty sure they're called chiptunes or something. there used to be this rap group called 8-bit that used chiptune beats in their songs.
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  • gameboy PUKERS
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