AnCo Posters/Artwork to buy

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Why oh why can I not find any decent Animal Collective posters or Artwork to buy? I'd love a giant Feels poster, and I really like the art from the Summertime Clothes single and the Prospect Hummer EP - hell I'd even buy a big picture of Strawberry Jam, but I can't find diddley squat on the net. This is best thing I've found: Has anyone else been more successful?


  • We should make some posters then, becuase i've never seen a good AC poster before.
  • yes! we can make them in bulk for cheap, we can have a sign up sheet. someone make this happen! i vote for square posters of Down There, HCTI and WCWAR 7" single artwork
  • Oh hell yeah! Let's sell them over on CA too! They would buy them no matter what!
  • damn the rabbit art (from the vid!) would make a REALLY groovy looking poster!
  • GO you're right printmaking for posters would be soooo much fun
  • Someone email pawtracks and ask if we can.
  • I did wonder about just scanning the Feels cover on a really high res scanner, then sending it to a bespoke canvas printer. Obviously there would be copy write issues if it was being distributed. It would be fun to make some community posters. I'd take part if anything gets organised.
  • Damn Copyright Laws! I bet if we come up with some original artwork and sell it, they can't do much.
  • lets do this
  • we can DO this! poster ghoster!
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