Stealing Music This article really really made me think. I usually buy music but a lot of the time it's used and doesn't go directly to support the artist...and thinking about how we pay for stupid stuff like lattes but won't pay for music we love and means something to us makes me really sad.


  • Yeah - I'll be upfront about it. I download a lot of music, and I won't try to justify it because it isn't just. If I didn't download music, then I would listen to music at least 75% less. If I don't like music, I stop listening to it, and if I like it, I try to buy it. The way that writer puts it, 15 euro a month seems pretty reasonable, except that translates into a CD, and I don't think I'd get by on a CD a month. I'm definitely not the type to download single songs or whatever. But I don't know, this issue is very complex. Would listening to a full album on YouTube be less bad? Or Grooveshark? Or wherever else?
  • I try to support artists, I download stuff too, but the important thing is are you trying your best. If you don't get lattes, and don't spend money on anything else that isn't as good as music. It's hard, but it's something worth doing.
  • Agreed. I can definitely live without lattes if that's what it takes.
  • I used to download a heck of a lot of music. These days I have a Spotify account which costs me £5 a month, which is so cheap I don't know how anyone makes any money from it. The good thing though is that I discover lots of new artists and if I like them enough I will buy CDs as I like having something tangible. Lately I've been buying about 5 CDs a month.
  • I admit I download a good amount of music. If I like it enough, it stays on my ipod. If I really like it and become a fan of that artist/band, I'd buy their stuff. If I'm not really digging it or anything I delete it from my ipod. But I always try and support my favorite artists and bands when I can. Haven't been able to get a CD in weeks. Times are tough for everyone right now.
  • I got some CD money form graduation so i'm going to buy me some good stuff over the next couple of weeks! Probably 10 CD's or more.
  • Nice. I love having a blow out and buying 10 CDs at once.. all of a sudden you have so much new stuff to get into. Today I got home from work and was greeted by 'Down There' and Conditions (Temper Trap) on my door mat :D Already looking forward to my drive to work tomorrow!
  • I try not to use all my money at once but I do end up buying two records and a cd... then the next few days I get another record... and then that keeps going till I have no money :'(
  • I was thinking about getting 4 albums one week, 3 the next, and 3 the week after that. And i'm for sure going to buy Down There and Sung Tongs, I only downloaded those albums for the meantime so I want to buy them now so that I feel good.
  • i try to buy animal collective stuff whenever possible
  • where ever probable! even HELL!
  • cuz heaven is just a stoned groovular! JOVIAL!
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