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Anyone ever 4chan's /mu/ subforum? For those who don't know, 4chan is a gigantic image forum renowned for its randomness/open abjact racism, hatred and whatnot/some fascinating discussions. It has a music subforum, and this website: http://mu-essentials.blogspot.com/ documents the albums considered to be great on that forum. This is their list of 'essential' albums overall, and on the website there are tonnes divided by genre. Here be it: [IMG]http://goput.it/u93.jpg[/IMG] http://goput.it/u93.jpg (Obviously they're wrong about not putting AnCo's entire discography on there, but what do you think, good people?)


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    I think this 4 chan list/essentials thing is actually quite neat. I mean, there are a lot of things that I have not listened to or don't like so much but that is going to happen with a lot of lists about music. I really like the Classics section btw, so much childhood rocking that I had with my dad in there! Yay for Feels and MPP!
  • There's Person Pitch on there too!
  • there's very little to disagree with there
  • Thats great Yukbon
  • lol @ "Abrasive as fuck zone"
  • "2deep4u time" LOL
  • Dang, I missed that Person Pitch cover! It's because the album covers are so small and next to each other, but most likely because I was ONLY looking for covers of Animal Collective albums, not Panda Bear or Avey Tare albums. And as for that "How to get..." thing, that is really, really, hilarious. I kinda have to agree with that "abrasive as fuck zone" thing, they are SO abrasive. But I think after a couple of listens your ears can tolerate those noises easier.
  • What is that in the abrasive as fuck zone? I dont recognize it!!!
  • Spirit, Indian, Danse, Hollindagain. I can sort of understand why the order is how it is, but I'd put MPP first for sure. It's just so immediately loveable, maybe Feels and Sung Tongs take just a bit longer to put their hooks in you.
  • i would never recommend sung tongs first considering the second half of the album (visiting friends and on)
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    I agree Ticon, Especially with the last two songs on Sung Tongs, one is almost asking for a person to hate the band. Especially if the person is not a fan of Indie/Psychedelic/Freak Folk. Speaking of which...(i'll continue in another thread)
  • and he never did Mu! out of breach! bree otch! MAN CHESTERS GUMMY REVENGE! gummi dummies!
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