I WISH animal collective had a clothing line/more official merchindise

i would buy the shit out of it , anyone else?


  • Yeah I would buy a tee-shirt or 2 for sure, and maybe a hoody. I started a similar thread a while ago regarding AnCo posters and artwork - there just doesn't seem to be any!
  • The lack of AC merch is sad. Compared to other Indie bands on the same level, AC is not really producing much stuff. Hopefully your wish can come true with the release of Centipede Hz, but the odds are that it won't. But let's do something together, let's start a FASHION TREND with what Deaks is wearing. [img]http://clubnotes.pmpblogs.com/files/2010/09/deakin2.jpg[/img] The Plain White Small V-neck T-shirt!
  • Outrageous, that'll never catch on
  • I'd kill for some AnCo merch.
  • Oh yeah i see it now Walkin round in ma merriweather shirt, trippin people out Wouldnt it be nice?
  • MAFUKA made a mil over a band and still can only afford a squire. OLLLL SCKKOOOOLLLL!!!!! In general there guitar preferences seem questionable to me. If Dave was still here he would have interesting imput I'm sure. Avey never cuts the damn strings off the end of his guitar and it bugs the shit out of me but it's cool. In general the Anco goes against a lot of instrumentation choices I would make. I don't like large amounts of distortion (reverend green), tons of reverb (merriwhether and all Pandas stuff), the guitars, drum kit without bass??? No bass? wahhh!? I have an anco shirt which I love.
  • I have the "bees" shirt and I love it. But I do wish there were more shirts and hoodies!
  • Drumkit sounds amazing without bass. Have you hear April and the phantom?!?
  • i wonder if they will have a shop at the roundhouse UK show............if they do i shall be buying
  • Hey purp, I've always felt the same way. They seem to just like what they like, but I can't help but feel like there's some amount of anti-snobbery aesthetic that keeps deakin choosing cheap axes. I mean, I own a squier and it's just fine with me sound-wise, certainly nothing wrong with it. But the thing literally fell apart, it's just outrageously low quality, really poorly put together. On the other hand, they have nice PAs and amps and electronic gear. It's more than slightly befuddling.
  • an animal collective lingerie line rawr! unleash yr inner beast / spirit goddess! &ODDNESS!
  • [quote=G.O. !]an animal collective lingerie linerawr!unleash yr inner beast / spirit goddess!&ODDNESS![/quote] lol that wouldnt work
  • make yr partner go crazy like avey then take it off and panda bear it all! make 'em yell out Gee Oh GOD! and soon you'll be seeing deekles!
  • I'd buy some.
  • I feel funny wearing band shirts. I always have felt that way, though, it's not like an adult thing. I don't see a lot of adults who aren't in bands wearing band shirts. But I spend most of my time around typical parents and office workers and such. I love G.O.'s description of AC lingerie.
  • down on yr knees begging avey to please!
  • i wish you was a girl!
  • IS a girl! LEMMING TRAIL!
  • The collective lingerie. How deekfull
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