What is your favorite live show by ac?

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Which of their live performances is your favorite, and why? Mine would have to be their show at pitchfork last july, I just loved the set and how they ended with Summertime Clothes. The way they made we tigers fit so well into the set was great and the transitions between songs was amazing. It was also during the middle of the summer which is like my favorite time of the year. The design of the actual stage was awesome too.


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    I've not seen much of their live stuff.. gunna catch them when they come to the UK later this year though. Was this the gig you're talking about? Do you know anywhere to find the whole set?
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    Ticon - That was awesome! I love Panda's drumming in that.
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    I have never been to a concert by Animal Collective but this show, I love it and the set they played. 2009-12-11 Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1. [intro] 2. Also Frightened 3. What Would I Want? Sky 4. Summertime Clothes 5. Guys Eyes 6. Leaf House 7. [banter] 8. Slippi 9. My Girls 10. Who Could Win a Rabbit 11. Lablakely Dress / Fireworks 12. Daily Routine 13. In the Flowers 14. Bleed 15. Brother Sport audio: http://www.mediafire.com/?qoei2zwdo0o
  • I love the videos from MALTA Fest! And obviously when I saw them in Atlanta last year, that was incredible.
  • Ty, that live perf. is one of my favorites! I love the intro.
  • i know! i love their painted faces and the way dave echoes his voice on the first line of purple bottle
  • I love when they paint their faces and wear animal masks. It gives the performances more of a tribal feel.
  • Yes, Zaphox, that is the show. I downloaded the whole stream from youtube while it was still up, I have it somwhere. I have the full show in mp4 video and mp3 audio
  • Peacefish have you seen the show they have on theire vevo? I think it's the one you linked
  • Nope, i've only listened to the audio from that show (they are the same show). I think i've seen a lot of video from there shows over the past year. But yeah, the Enmore show was my all time favoirtes, and now I'm going to watch the video to the concert.
  • AC on the moon!
  • moving / collecting LOTS of rocks!
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