Let your garden grow!


  • sorry to break the flow so quickly but you also live in england...this is a rare thing on the board, if you dont mind me asking where abouts in england are you ? i live in ascot.
  • Manchester here. Yeah, I don't think AnCo are that well known in the UK. Most people I've asked have never heard of them (and then don't like them when I play them some! :( )
  • I've only met one guy in Australia who's even heard of them.
  • Nice Garden Zaphox! I once had a cool garden, but it was too much matenecne for me and my parents. So now we have a Rosemary Tree, some other spice/herb shrubs like Basil and Parsley, and a ton of Chives. Your garden is a much better looking than any garden i've ever had though.
  • I live in a small town next to ascot, the Olympic torch came through my town it was an amazing sight probably one I will never see again !
  • Sounds magical Clay
  • It was it was just strange, the surrealism !
  • you should have found a way to ... put it out! squirt gun or something! imagine! (all the people!) it isn't hard to do! it's easy if you try!
  • zaphy zaphy... how does yr garden GRO! :(|)
  • Growls? AVANT! Guard the Den!
  • a gentler, kinder kind of avant guardian!
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