Breaking Bad

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  • Did anyone watch the season premier?
  • sorry bro. I watched the first season of Breaking Bad last month and I started season two, but I just have not found the time to get all the way caught up with the show.
  • That seems to be the case with most. I watched the first three seasons on netflix, then bought the fourth. This is the first season I've actually seen live.
  • off topic: The only TV series I've ever watched live or streamed the next day were: Doctor Who (the last 6 seasons), the second season of Game of Thrones, and season two of The Walking Dead. The rest of the shows I watch when I get the time or I became a fan recently wor after a season or two.
  • i was watching from the very begin! it's been damn strange reading it getting huger and huger every year esp. when you watch a show for years then read about people catching up on the entire show within like 2 or 3 weeks (what the hell! that's just madness! ... people and their show watch binging! like they can't HELP them slevs!) anywho... it's not the unholy / can-do-no-wrong show some make it out to be but it's been super fun at times some great tense moments! the pre-mere was a bit odd feeling... very rushed or fast seeming? like that bit of just cutting to where walt + jezzy are in the damn desert! and mike going along (no matter how reluctanctly!) felt a bit too strange... but since we're near the end maybe they just want to speed things up / the aftermath of last season and get going on something totally new! sucks that it is being divided in 2 like this but i guess you can't blame them for wanting to prolong it at the height of its popularity!
  • MAGNETS! how do THEY work?
  • I actually agree, GO. They didn't even show Walt and Jessie meeting up or anything. The premier felt really fast - but I think it's supposed to be. They need viewers! I'm sure it will slow down like the Walking Dead did in the first half-season. They show opened up a lot of loose ends though. What's up with old Walt? Why New Hampshire... etc.
  • And welcome back!
  • thank you thank you DEAD WALT!
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