AC radio show!



  • Full CHz stream next Sunday y'aaaaaaalllllll!!!!
  • For real? I missed that part.
  • Ohh there we go, Im pumped now!
  • i bet the stream and CA will crash
  • especially the tinychat
  • it's going to be a diarrhea flow
  • while it'd be SUPER fun to be in the chat during the whole album i don't know i don't really need to read OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! as;ldkjfa;sdljkf a WOAH! for 45min straight or whatever... haha! though it'd be super fun to BE A PART OF IT! the radio transmissions have been great for that! the community aspect! IN REAL TIME! and you're the same person BuT EVERYTHING ELSE IS DIFFERENT! S L I D E R S
  • ok. i need some help with this. I cant find the name of the song near the end of the set, its a chubby parker song, " dad went out in his ford machine, dropeed a match in the gasoline, went so high hes never been seen" what is it?!?!?!?
  • Mitch, it's called Bib-a-lollie-boo
  • im gonna read the tinychat while listening just so i have something to look and i wont be distracted
  • from CA member Foxtrot - "alright, here we go dudes. i have a very kind friend who has gifted me the greatest gift. i will be seriously kissing his face next time i see him! i will try and answer any questions if you guys wanna know stuff about certain parts etc. anyway, here are my first impressions (massive spoilers ahead!): Moonjock - Trebly, disorienting, epic, big drum and guitar pulses. Slippi-esque, Avey lead, perky sounds darting around. Multiple sections, jumps around a lot. Has an awesome semi-shouted repeated coda that disappears and turns into a fantastic live style transition with radio snippets into… Today’s Supernatural – we know it, we love it, it is perfectly placed. Two high energy songs to kick things off. Another transition… Rosie Oh – that soft synth and then… I’d Rather! So much more dense, full of crazy squeaking and squawking sounds, panda sounds distant and the thick layers of sound jump out around and in front of him, percussion in more complicated, even more sounds darting around than today’s supernatural! Vocals and lyrics almost identical to live version. Sweet harmonies added during ‘I’m on my own’ section. Reverb and sawing sounds during ‘like to raise it up’. Heavy section at end more warped. Really clear “Jonnie Walker!” voice at end. First pause in music. Applesauce – chirpy avey led tune. Jumpy and gently aggressive, like tikwid or water curses. Lots of classic full-to-the-brim Avey melodies. Panda letting loose with polyrhythms. Loving the percussive sounds (lots of xylophone, vibraphone, glock type sounds), prominent surging deeks guitars. It’s the sort of classic avey tune we will all really enjoy (think peacebone, lion in a coma and previously mentioned tunes). Semi-transition into the ‘Change’ intro we all know. Wide eyed – Change! Kicks in quick with deeks and those loopy drums. Deeks is a little more restrained. That avey guitar line in the chorus is more synthesized. The song as a whole is less earthy than the boots and more spacey. Has a real shooting through the stars feel. Nice harmonies late in the second verse. Deeks gets into it more towards the end. Has turned out really well. Repeated ‘wide eyed’ at the end gets more and more forceful and intense leading into that twisted laugh that transitions into… (loving that they really kept the transitions) Father time – percussion unchanged at the start, bass sounds great and warbled, avey has once again switched up the lyrics a fair bit. Feels groovier and more fluid than the live version to me. Lots of extra sounds jumping around. Percussion in the chorus is filtered. Harmonies added in chorus, and a flute or something sitting way back. Lyrics suddenly drop out and a sustained oooohhhh rings out instead of normal second verse ending. Second chorus, new lyrics and a slightly varied vocal melody. Mellow section in the end has lots of creepy manipulated voice samples and sinking sounds. Song fades out with no transition. My least fave boot but sounds splendid here. New Town Burnout – Take this weight! Starts gentle with pitch shifted voices, then those drums kick in, Thick!! Synth warps and clunks along. Panda kicks in, more strung out and wired arrangement. A few new vocal embellishments. Sounds fantastic. All the layers are still there plus a few more. The percussion just drives the whole thing as it did in the live versions. Middle section is even more mind blowing than boots! Absolute wide screen beauty with a new oh oh oh vocals, punchy EH’s! and a wave of goosebumps for me! Album highlight so far and just fucking incredible. End section ‘Lift this weight!’ again has so many more layers. Lots of weary and warped sounds. Sounds like devastation after the euphoria of the instrumental section. Panda sings deep and listless and the transition goes exactly according to the boots into… Monkey Riches – Avey is mixed loud and slightly distorted up front. Extra bass drum percussion adds even more energy. Slightly slower tempo but Avey’s vocals still aggressive. New lyrics. Choruses have the new version of the vocal melody. ‘Make a monkey rich’ arrangement is more spacious. Energy slowly builds over second verse. Lots of extra layers again. Geo is working his arse off this album! New guitars during second ‘make a monkey rich’ section. Mid section is industrial! Things drop away before final chorus, slowly building through the vocals and into a fully screamed ‘make a MONKEY RIIIICCCH!!!’ . ‘lalalala’ part at end is thick and intense! Overall, Less flat out aggressive than the boots but much more epic in the way it builds. Awesome stuff. Pause in music again. Mercury Man – intro shorter. Panda is doing all kinds of awesome. Avey’s vocals very slightly less processed. Nice piano or something similar floating around. Big cymbal hits in pre-chorus. Chorus sounds great. Boots plus some nice overdubs. Interlude is spooky! Vocals creep in your ear while lots of other haunting sounds stalk around. Avey’s vocals more emotive. They’ve nailed this one. Ends with those clunky keys then a sustained static noise that transitions into… Pulleys – new song. Fuck yeh. Rim shots. World music vibes. Avey vocals. Lush and full of changes. Constant groove but the arrangement is constantly shifting. Nice deeks guitar weaving around. Big reverb drenched semi-chorus parts. They pop up briefly then give way to the rim shot, lush verse sections. Almost pastoral in parts. Short song, quick transition into the closer. Amanita – thick synthy melody line that has a faintly eastern feel. Bullet-like snares and tom toms. Big ‘oh oh oh oh’ backing vocals that remind me of feels era. Avey vocals again. A very songy song. Less chaotic than some of the earlier tunes. Gets a little more intense in the middle and bursts into a dense and squelchy mid section. Transition two-thirds of the way in into a dancey beat and a completely junkyard synth. Avey belts out a lightening fast melody. Nice climax to finish things off echo-laden wordless vocals that are consumed by a whirring static sound that shuts down like a machine at the end of its cycle."
  • Oh wow thanks for posting this dude! New Town Burnout sounds killer, and his description of Applesauce is getting me all psyched for it. It doesnt seem like any of the new tracks are weak, and we all know how good the other tracks are. Its wierd that Rosie Oh is I'd rather, though. That wouldve been quite a surprise on first listen had i not known beforehand. I was so sure it was Pulleys..
  • are you saying... "i'd rather it been pulleys!" ??? ah yes the ol god vs pulleys debate AGAIN
  • It'll never die.
  • Trying hard not to read Ticonderoga's post. Might not be able to think of anything else this week but that stream.
  • That was cruel, Ticon. I don't know if I can hold for five days without reading that. Should I read that? At least tell me it's good? It's not disappointing? Is it their best yet?
  • Wow guys, reading his post wont do anything but get you more psyched for the album. Its not as if he said that Leo was crazy the whole time in Shutter Island. That wouldve been a real spoiler!
  • @vesufius: I've been meaning to watch Shutter Island. :(( Well. It seems that this has become a recurring thing with you and me. [img][/img]
  • lol I read the reviews on CA and yeah... I can't wait.
  • just making sure you guys know again that i havent listened to it, that post was made by foxtrot, a member of CA
  • That actually doesn't spoil a lot for me. I'm not really good at 'hearing' music from a description, let alone AC's music. There are reviews on CA? I guess it's time I made an account there then.
  • You can read it without an account
  • you can breed shit without an ac count duckular! hey look at deeks freakin deakin out HE IS ON THE RADIO HO! you stupid bitch!
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