What do you listen to at work?

I work in a bookstore and I play my music all day and I've only had one person comment on my music, and that was when I was playing Nirvana. Anyone have random people comment on your music at work?


  • Hooray!!!! A dude was just in my store and asked what music was playing and it was AC. Bloody awesome man!
  • What song were you playing? I don't have the opportunity to listen to music at work since I'm outside all the time, just stuck with awful radio music when getting from point a to point b.
  • Radio crud.... Ha while posting this the tv show I was watching mentioned and was located in the loch raven reservoir!
  • It was "The Softest Voice" that was playing Bottle. I hate the radio stations in my country, there isn't one good one. There used to be one, 5FM, but they became commercial and started playing the sounds Transformers make when they're having sex (dubstep).
  • I didn't know there was a Loch Raven reservoir? What is that by the way?
  • Yeah, there is one. It's in new York I think
  • That's so bloody awesome. Anyone listening to the Pixies?
  • Anyone not listen to Pixies? :ar!
  • Say whaaaaaat?! The Pixies are so great! Love their stuff...
  • Pirate in a good way. Pixies are the best.
  • Aaaahhh I see I see... Love them, loved them more when they played "Hey" in HIMYM. I was going to ask something but now I've forgotten.... Oh yeah! Does anyone else agree that the music score from Assassins Creed is epic? And the version on Soul Calibur 5?
  • Never really noticed the soundtrack on Assassin's Creed.
  • me neither, gonna listen the next time i play it
  • Excellent! Let me know.
  • Holy SHIT!!! My manager is asking for me to slaughter her. Saying Avey sounds likes he's whining when he sings and just says random words! Its like she wants me to throw her through the glass doors...but shame, she's pregnant and I can't do that to the kid who has done nothing to me... Listening to the Chili Peppers now yeah...
  • Getting a little scary there Dame :ar!
  • That's still nice scary :))
  • today i listened to nothing but ministry at work. it goes in phases, sometimes i'll get a wild hair and just listen to one artist or one album. last one was frank zappa. in retrospect, my first zappa albums were completely oddball and perfect choices (weasels ripped my flesh and best band you never heard in your life). ps hi, miss me?
  • nope! zappa can go burn rot in jazz rock HELL!
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