hey guys guess what

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i think i like Kid A.... i decided to give it a third (i think) listen and im 10 minutes in and im really feeling it are you guys proud of me?


  • I think I should give Kid A another listen...
  • maybe it can't compete with today's modern youtube / facebook / twitter crowd! but at the time it blew our minds! radiohead going all weird / tronik! it was madness! this was a ROCK band people! rug pulled out from under us! while we built our geocities sites and took +30min to download ONE SONG (and then the person leaves and you don't get the very end or it's a totally fake song!) AGE OF ADZ was supposed to be the Kid A for the 10s! but people were just too damn jaded!
  • I'm really proud of you, ticon. That really just cheered me up :) [img]http://assets.diylol.com/hfs/161/c6f/141/resized/you-da-man-meme-generator-hey-you-yes-you-you-da-man-d899c5.jpg[/img] When you're done, we can discuss Kid A here! Maybe with a bit more time, it'll slowly Creep into your favourite albums list like it did to me (c wot i did der guise????! omgrofl).
  • It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • im thinking i should ease into radiohead with their least rock-bandish albums.. so Kid A was a perfect start for me, now what? also, the reason i decided to listen to it was because i stumbled across a sweet double 10" Kid A and i wanted to listen again based solely off of the artwork haha
  • Just found a used Kid A cd that comes with the secret booklet. I already have the album, but that booklet man... Worth it for 7 bucks imo And Kid A is their best album. Idioteque is awesome!
  • wow, this album actually is perfect. seriously though what album should i go to next?
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    Amnesiac Also what was your favorite song? Im curious to know!
  • kid a, the national anthem, 'disappear completely and idioteque are tied for my favorites
  • actually kid a definitely takes the cake. the beat + the filter + the melody = (over the top adjective)
  • Hearing Kid A live took me out of my skull
  • In Limbo never gets no love! But I really love the ones you mentioned. Kid A is even more fascinating, actually, if you dig up the influences. For example, the whole marching-band-on-acid thing in National Anthem was inspired by a free jazz artists Charles Mingus. It's all on Wikipedia if I remember. Amnesiac is a good idea next, as suf said. Listen to OK Computer eventually too - it's more rock, really really acclaimed, I'd say even more than Kid A. It doesn't come close to me, but it is still great overall.
  • You heard Kid A live? =:) (<--Green with envy, not alien)
  • In Limbo's in my top 5 favourite songs of all time.
  • [i]AHSPAHRILDOWN[/i] And that last minute of Limbo has to be the most intense minute on Kid A, even more than the title track probably!
  • Naw man, the last minute of Morning Bell is totally more intense
  • the concepts of pushing away problems or being in denial of how awful a situation is are so cool in this album "im not here... this isnt happening"
  • I love singing Morning Bell to my brother to annoy him^ :D That song makes the Top 3 most-intense Kid A songs whatever your opinion probably. What secret booklet are you referring to? Is it the one with the awesome/weird artwork, because I have that, or something else?
  • Btw guys, I don't know if you've seen this but PopMatters did a series of really great articles on Kid A for its tenth anniversary: http://www.popmatters.com/pm/special/132579-all-things-reconsidered-radioheads-kid-a/ The first article, with one writer tackling each track, is of particular interest
  • i bought kid a the day it came out and had no idea about a secret booklet... so when i saw something under the tray (something i usually like to check anyways! just in case!) it was so damn crazy... a secret booklet! also if you really dig Kid A / Amnesiac and want more of their goodness there's some killer b-sides! 8 out-take from amnesiac (though life in a glasshouse FULL VERSION should hardly count and fast track is quite the lemming) ... but the other 6 tracks are some of their best stuff! and when you think about amnesiac as "kid b-side" / the leftovers... but then these KILLER leftovers from the leftovers... oh man! fog is my fave but then cuttooth is damn groovy too! and kinetic! ORGY! the super what the HELL fun of transatlantik drawl!
  • amesiac is killer ok computer stopped halfway through due to an ipod malfunction so i stopped listening in respect for the flow of the album
  • Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors has been in my head for days I'm sure you've listened to In Rainbows before..yeah? If so what's your take on that
  • no not yet.. i started listening when i made this thread. so far i love Kid A and Amnesiac ok computer was very boring on first listen
  • Oh man you're in for a treat..
  • If you thought OKC was boring, i doubt you'd like IR :/
  • i definitely didnt write it off, just saying how i felt first listen. im looking forward to giving it another go.
  • In Rainbows was pretty good actually, a return to their rock sound. I've yet to hear TKOL for some reason, is it true there are dubstep influences? (that would be fascinating) Btw, man oh man, Thom Yorke is GOLD for captioned pictures. These are just the first couple off google: [img]http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/how-thom-york-sees-us.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/102/627/thomyorkejellyfish.jpg[/img] Also, this very disturbing unrelated one: [img]http://i.imgur.com/eQlz6.jpg[/img]
  • which relates to the infamous south park episode with radiohead in it! INNIT!
  • thom yorke sounds best in any format besides rock
  • I dunno why that picture remids me of Climbing Up the Walls
  • Begging to differ, ticon! I've been listening to My Iron Lung, which is an ep of theirs' released after their first album Pablo Honey. It's really interesting, pretty good alternative rock with a heavy grunge influence. That being said, I do prefer electronic Radiohead to rock Radiohead, although I love both. It's funny how much poor Thom is mocked for supposedly being a strange person. I'm sure he'd take it in his stride though, because someone that awesome must enjoy surreal humour and all that.
  • when they handed out those dodgy fake newspapers one fan put his hand on thom's shoulder and thom said in this weird voice "he's got his hand on my shoulder!" like it really bugged him but was also trying to be funny about it (maybe?) very odd wish i had the video link it damn cracked me up!
  • G.O, if you happen upon it again please throw the link on here :) Sounds really funny
  • ^oh god yesssss
  • I really love amnesiac, ok computer is growing on me quick. Paranoid android is killer. The bends was boring on first listen o course
  • you've GOT to FEEL it IN YR BONE ZUH! all the children flew when i touched their hands yeah i'll BET they did, thom! you sick duck !
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    [quote=A guy on 4chan]I want to find out where Thom Yorke lives and move next door and legally change my surname to Magpie, so that whenever we see each other he'll politely nod and say "Morning Mr. Magpie"[/quote]
  • ^hahahahahagagha
  • that's awesome
  • i want to slap myself for not liking OKC the first time through. this board was so fun when i made this thread :) :/
  • I always forget how much I love OK Computer. The tourist is a PERFECT closer! And the last bit of karma police... And the scream at the end of climbin the walls... And the guitar on sub homesick alien... It's always refreshing to listen to OK Computer for me!
  • still and forever my fave album of all time (ball crime!) which i guess seems a bit dated now-a-daze but duck the hater gators!
  • duck them in their fat fugly fashist ashes!
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