Nightmare Fuel

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I'm not sure how this forum feels about TV Tropes, but I think that this band can be pretty damn scary at times, so I decided to make this page to catalogue these scares. The question is, though: Has anything related to Animal Collective ever scared you? I'll tell you guys one thing that terrifies me, this freaking song! It's just... gah! It's on my favourite of their albums, too...


  • panic and Untitled are definitely scary
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    Lablakely Dress used to be unlistenable to me. It sounded like literal death and thousands of eels. It is one of my favorites off of Danse now though. The first time I listened to April and the Phantom I was not anticipating the white noise and I almost had a heart attack.
  • thats awesome that you like lablakely dress, i remember when you said you couldnt listen to it
  • I could barely listen to the album at all at first. Yeah, Panic and Untitled are also scary. And for some reason Avey's voice in Mr. Fingers used to bother me.
  • Oh man I REALLY want to listen to street flash right now. I remember fondly days of listening to spirit at high volumes driving around smoking pot
  • I watched half the video for WCWAR, and went to show it to my brother saying it was weird and he'll like it. SPOILERS I hadn't seen the part where the tortoise ate the rabbit yet. I may just have traumatised him for life. :( SPOILERS END On the plus side, he made a account listing five starting artists, two of them AnCo and Burial. So I may just be getting to him somewhat! Still no Radiohead though.
  • Btw, I really approve of that page. I love Tvtropes too
  • Dave, wish i could've been in that car as well. peacebone video, oddsac, nightmare fuel. those high and low pitch tones of spirit clean out certain spots of my soul, it both conjours spirits as well as keeps them at bay. music and emotion has effecft on everything around it so imagine what spirit can dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Oh yeah i forgot about the peacebone video. That and Satin Orb Wash in Oddsac are the only things that have scared me. Btw, my brother went from calling No More Runnin "boring" to "great, relaxing" to "creepy as hell!!" I thought it was wierd. Also i downloaded Down There from iTunes, and my mom managed to put it on her phone. The first minute of Laughing Hieroglyphic scared my entire family apparently when it was played in the car. Lol.
  • haha, i played ghost of books in the car with my mom today, she was less then thrilled
  • Animal Collective's music seems to be mostly based on Psychedelic experiences and mind-states, so it doesn't surprise me that they can easily freak the shit out of people, I've always loved AC, but after using Psychedelics and experimenting myself, their music seems to make even more sense, the sounds, the lyrics, literally everything. I listened to Banshee Beat while using DMT and had an amazing breakthrough and experienced things out of this world, but halfway through, something in my mind made me doubt my experience and starting thinking negatively and my trip went from amazingly beautiful and introspective to a complete psychedelic hell, the sounds I heard were very similar to the sounds you hear in those crazy "hard-to-listen-to" AC songs, and these sounds weren't part of Banshee Beat, obviously, because it's a very up to beat, melodic song, it seemed as if it was the DMT showing me that I shouldn't keep negative thoughts in my head while tripping, but anyways, my point is, After hearing these noises and listening to their lyrics, their music makes much more sense, they must have had some crazy experiences on Psychedelics. And maybe still do every once and a while. You can tell just by looking at their mannerisms and the way they look around that they have done plenty of psychedelics, it doesn't surprise me they make their music they way they do.
  • scary kittens scaring kids!
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