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http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/184-i-get-wet/ 2002: 0.6 http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16836-i-get-wet/ 2012: 8.6 Best New Reissue [img]http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/3/35394/2155634-oh_you.jpeg[/img] Oh, Pitchfork. =D> To their credit, at least he mentioned the U-turn in the second review. I used to read P4k a lot, but now I mostly go to Allmusic and other websites for reviews (more comprehensive besides). P4k reviewers are pretty prosey, which I like sometimes but not every single time. Sometimes it comes across as posturing in my humble opinion. P4k general?


  • JUST saw this. The thing about Pitchfork is that it judges the album based on its relevance and not the actual music.
  • I've really U-turned too though. I really used to like the website, but I don't find it very reliable anymore. Anyone who likes it overall? Because it does have its upsides too.
  • I honestly don't understand why Pitchfork is so popular they are at many times completely biased and they don't get "reliable" critics to review music. The "I Get Wet" reviews just shows their unreliabilty to judge an album on content and intent, instead of on their level on enjoyment.
  • I think it's because a lot of it comes down to one reviewer's opinion. Pitchfork trusts their reviewers, but I think it's misplaced, especially with a lot of their most frequent reviews. Ian Cohen pisses me off a lot. I really wish Pitchfork would come up with a rating as a group, have a Pitchfork rating then a reviewers rating. Seems like the only way to keep it from being so biased.
  • I agree Clawed. Sometimes their reviews make me angry because they don't seem to based on "fact". By "fact" I mean fact-based opinion. Although, the website is very organized, which does make it alluring.
  • Agreed, everything's easy to find and well designed. They have a bunch of great photographers too.
  • I pay attention to pitchfork, theneedledrop, and 2dopeboyz
  • Agreed about the organization, that was one of the pro's I had in mind. What's 2dopeboyz fidelio? I don't think I've ever gone on there before, I'mma check it out
  • I only know them cause Tyler hates them.
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    Have you guys heard of the All Media Guide websites, by the way? They had Allmusic and Allmovie, which I use a lot, in 2011 they replaced them with Allrovi which combines them apparently. I always liked the music one especially because it categorises albums into moods and themes instead of just genres (I don't think the new one does that actually)
  • i live and die by RYM! RateYourMusic! dot com! seriously sad i didn't start reviewing stuff on there right when i first knew of it (2003?) and kept under one name / account in the early days i kept getting banned for adding fake releases (oh god? too tempting! still is!)
  • RYM is pretty cool too go, completely forgot about it! I think I'll join you in making albums up
  • don't do it! they REALLY don't like that!
  • yet Animal Crack Box is STILL under Albums for AC... ? so screwy! it's a compf! TTG went from EP to ... Single ?!!! baffling... really!
  • I like Allmusic cause they review Allmusic, but not much else. The reviews themselves are usually pretty good, the ratings seem to all be very optimistic and don't reveal much about the album, they almost seem like the ratings only are in comparison to the artists themselves.
  • I read Pitchfork mostly for the interviews, they're good at that in my opinion. I usually hate their reviews but i still find myself reading them from time to time (a healthy serving of rage salad never hurt anybody)
  • http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16980-centipede-hz/ I actually think this review's very well done, I like it.
  • Anyone seen the TMT review? http://www.tinymixtapes.com/music-review/animal-collective-centipede-hz Cerebral stuff, maybe some over analysis going on but interesting
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    Something's not right here.
  • all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again it was 2012!
  • that tinymixtapes.com review kind of irritated me. the writer goes on about stuff that only works within his specific conceptual framework. i think he's talking about stuff that isn't there.
  • ^ Agreed. "That hypertext makes the idea of a Deus ex Machina the obvious end, and Centipede Hz is indeed quite invested in Virilio’s words, the building of the Deus ex Machina, whether it realizes it or not." Whether it realizes it or not usually means the writer inserting something that wasn't there.
  • Just read the P4k review, and it's an excellent review. I can agree with/appreciate the sentiment behind everything the reviewer is saying, and it's pretty fair, besides being without Pitchfork's trademark "I'm-so-smart" namedropping.
  • Mercury Man is the only song whose production I have a problem with
  • I agree with Fantano in some ways, I think the album could benefit from some beefier vocals. I still really enjoy it though. Monkey Riches would be "better" if the vocals were a bit more in your face. That's my opinion.
  • that guy is a damn NERD!!!
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