Setlist autumn tour 2012

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How will the setlist look like for this new tour?


  • I'll get back to you on that later tonight
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    1. TASTE! 2. Today is Super Natural! 3. Oh So Frightened! 4. MONKEY RICHES! 5. Wide Eyed! 6. Amanita! 7. NEW SONG! 8. NEW SONG! 9. NEW SONG! X. Bluish! 11. Playpen! 12. Rev. Green! 13. Winter Wonder Land! 14. Meet the Light Child! ENCORE: Alvin Row!
  • better be good........SUMMERTIME CLOTHES IS A SICK SONG......SO IS ALOT OF SONGs...............PLAY THE SICK ONES
  • if they play the sick ones people will just start throwing up EVERYWHERE!
  • Mosh pit in the vomit lake :-&
  • lick it up claude! LICK! IT! UP!
  • Oh god! The corn! So much corn!
  • chug! chug! chug!
  • cob webs! cob webs! only 2 pre-MPP songs? other one was peach boner what the HELL ac i mean i'd dig hearing the new jams and some of the old but it's very very odd that of the mpp songs they do the ones that are usually considered the weakest by filler fangs (oh so frightened, lion / lying) and i thought they weren't going to DO my girls! they're pandering! i blame panda!
  • wait what? You know the setlist?!
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    Yeah, Seattle show was last night. Vancouver tonight i believe
  • Vancouver setlist 09/19: Also fright. Applesauce Wide eyed Today's sup. Honeycomb Lion in coma Moonjock Pulleys New town... Monkey rich. Brothersp. P-bone Cobwebs My girls Amanita also agreed that the show was pandering to new fans primarily. Considering the strong reaction for peacebone, it's not like a few more older tracks would have alienated the masses. Highly disappointing....they should have done one set of their Geo-dominated/mass sampling "rave" tunes, and another totally separate back to basics rock band type of set. Despite all that, still an enjoyable evening.
  • I have an extra ticket for Hollywood bowl. Promenade I section D row 2 seat 12. I'm asking for face value of course or best offer!
  • i doubt the band is thinking that much about making an effort to be accessible because they're afraid of alienating new fans. i do think they're probably playing whatever has the most energy for them right now.
  • if they were the older ac they'd already be playing songs from the next album! though damn that was frustrating too! looking back now i wish the 05 show had been sung tongs 06 show feels 07 shows strawjam 09 show mpp instead it was 05 feels 06 strawjam 07 shows mpp 09 show STILL mpp ? they drove that sucker into the ground / got burnt the HELL out!
  • But guys, they played Applesauce, Moonjock, Pulleys, AMANITA, COBWEBS all for the first time, that's insane!
  • wow, that set seems pretty awesome actualy. Does anyone know if it is online yet?
  • Mitch, check the first post of the 'all known live recordings' thread under the 2012 spoiler -- soon as something's up, it'll probably be on there.
  • SPOIL HER! :(|)
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