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I have no idea if theres an aronofsky topic already made someone here. But i love talking about this guys films. Especially Pi and the Fountain. I've seen each of his movies a million times though and each time i pick something out i didnt learn before. Theres alot of meaning and whatnot in his stuff, so lets talk about it! SO- to start this up. Who likes Darren Aronofsky and what movies do ya crave?


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    I generally like Aronofsky, much better than most of the film makers of today. Even though I cannot stand Requiem for a Dream, I don't blame it on him as a director. It's well made, I just think the screenplay is god awful.
  • What about the screenplay do you not like about it? Requiem for a Dream i can really appreciate- but its probably my least favorite.
  • This guy is right there on my list of Directors-who-I'll-eventually-watch-their-entire-filmography-within-a-week-but-thusfar-have-never-seen-even-one-film-of-theirs. Right there. >:D<
  • Haha i completely understand that. I have a few of those lists myself...
  • he's got one of the most impressive batting averages to me! requiem is SO under damn rated these days? it SUCKS filed under same with Donnie Darko / Fight Club / etc but yeah it is all ABOUT the fountain! and black swan! those 2 are my faves i was REALLY not looking forward to the wrestler / too straight forward but even that one was great! pi is groovy in some ways but i don't know could have been taken even farther! all of them are pretty bleak / depressing but so emotionally charged to me! hit me damn hard! i don't know if i want to even see fountain or black swan ever again what if they don't hit me quite as hard? they rarely do! the first time is the deepest! requiem i saw when it came out so i was pretty damn young and freaked out thinking There's no way i can watch this movie with my dad and sister! REALLY glad i didn't... haha!
  • don't know what to expect from noah's bark! but i have ye big faith! i'm also DAMN curious about donnie darko director southland tales was an AMAZING mess of a movie (in the good way!) box was a bit lesser but still grooy / what the HELLish what will he do for #4! and why hasn't that mexican guy followed up 2006's children of men? what the hell! what are some of these guys DOING for like 5+ years god dammit!
  • I just found out he made Black Swan, which I've been wanting to watch for ages! This guy is going to be my new favourite director soon, I'm sure of it
  • Black Swan is really good. The only reason it isnt my favorite is that I'm not big on the story, or atleast, i can't quite relate enough to it. I'm not a dancer... I do really like that he chose the ballet scene for this one though. Its a territory less explored.
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    The way everything is so exaggerated and worse case scenario. Also, all the main characters who we're supposed to care about are too unbelievable and terribly written for me to give a damn. Maybe all my gripes with the writing should be directed towards the novel (never read it). But I just thought it didn't make for a great (or even good) film.
  • Interesting you think that. I do believe its extremely worst case scenario- like you said- but i feel its required in this type of film. Everything is exaggerated in film. The minor things are cut out. Thats why its always 1-3 hours long and no longer and keep our attention. Beautiful film dialogue and Real Life dialogue are two different things, other wise we just wouldnt care. Thats why unless its vital to the story- you don't see a character walk from scene 1 to scene 2. it just jumps to cut out the unimportant stuff. I think the theme in Requiem is based on the characters being so obsessed with something it ends in their downfall. They are obsessive, psycho, thats how that theme gets across. I feel like any exaggeratedness is in the nature of story-telling. But thats just my opinion. Quite frankly there are many classic movies that aren't so exaggerated that i just can't sit through them. I believe theyre genius works of art- but they don't have quote what i like in a story. I guess you could say I'd rather sit down and listen to a fisherman's tale than a historians. If you get what i mean by that.
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    I think of exaggeration in film generally as a positive thing, except for when trying to make a cautionary tale like Requiem. The flat characters, and just the film as a whole, become too absurd to hold any emotional weight on you. I could most definitely be wrong and the film might not have been meant to be looked at as a cautionary tale, but it leaves me wondering what the hell the point of it was. I've seen the theme of obsession leading to downfall so many times in films done well (better than Requiem at least) in a non-absurd/exaggerated fashion that actually had an impact on me. A great film finds a middle ground between historian and fisherman tales.
  • Mind if I quote that last line sometime? I really like that. Its a good point, dude.
  • I would be honored.
  • which films do you think did it better? i want you to name names! tell ALL the shames! i guess it impacted me... when the girl from labyrinth asks if he can come home right now and he can't it really got to me... and the old lady lectro shock therapy... DAMN intense / depressing... oh man... maybe i was just really young and it wouldn't hold up now... but i'd rather just go on thinking! little john!
  • dust 2 dust ass to ass
  • other films or films by aronofsky?
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    Well, Black Swan totally has the same theme if we're talking Aronofsky films. Vertigo, which is a possibly perfect film, is mainly about obsession. I guess you could say Sunset Blvd. because of Gloria Swanson's character's obsession, even if it doesn't necessarily lead to her own downfall. Jack Nicholson's obsession with Faye Dunaway's case in Chinatown leads to death and an even more jaded Jake Gittes. To name a few.
  • i was so disappointed in china town! the way he said it! just all casual / what can you do? it was supposed to be like FORGET IT MAN! it's CHINA TOWN!!! and just this utter rage! i was led on!
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    Chinatown is one of the few classics that I actually feel is deserving of it's high regard. It makes complete sense why he says it the way he does and probably would have made less sense if he said it the way you wanted him to.
  • well yeah i know that NOW... but i thought the context would have made it made sense... and was waiting for that intensity! so it all felt a bit muted / muddled... plus there is talk of how he heals ever so quickly and it is unrealistik? i forget the saying... but it was most amusing... this russian guy acting like THAT was why he utterly hated the movie! the little things pick up on! wait wasn't there a sequel? that's messed up! i'll have to look into it again because i swear there was! jack's BACK!
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    Yeah there is a sequel. The Two Jakes. I haven't seen it since I was like, 14, so I don't remember it too well. But people generally seem to be pretty down on it.
  • The Two Jakes 2: China Towne 3 oh MAN i must make this!
  • The 2 Jakes Three: China Clown Town IV (IN SPACE) i must see this! to believe shit!
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