What would you want the next album to be like?

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I know its early to be thinking about this, but my brain is always going a 100mph. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE Cent Hz. I saw them live day before yesterday. My life is changed lol. Too bad they'll never know how much I love them. BUT is anyone hoping they will make an album that is more like Feels or Sung Tongs? Or something totally different? What do you think? Feels is probably my favorite album right now. (I change my favorite all the time) I would love to hear an album with more natural sounds. Although I love the "synthetic" sounds just as much.


  • i fear they'll try to go too much the OTHER way after this one i really don't want the super stripped down acoustic album that some seem to want (i think avey said his next solo might be that ... i don't want that either! gah!) i guess maybe something a bit more ... trippy and changing? ... sometimes things get stuck in the same kinda gray blur of their more recent stuff... like moments out of nowhere / total changeups... even something like applesauce that is changing a LOT just kinda blurs by my mind in many ways it's hard to essplain! i do think it'd be cool if deeks got 2 or 3 songs on the next one and then they forced geo to do a song [but he does something NOT expected... maybe singing but if not ... then not just another "geo" track where "ah yes this is what geo is / does" ... like imagine him doing something quite odd and dancey and FUN!]
  • I don't want a super stripped down either but I would probably still love it. I like the stuff that is sorta in the middle like "Do you see the words" and "Grass" ya know? But I just want something different than what they've been doing.
  • i want stripped down so bad
  • I'm with Tic on this one
  • i want them to strip live maybe. As far as an album goes I'm sure they never really do what you expect them to any have always changed their sound and thats how it goes. If they arent dead after this like panda predicted I would hope that Avey would be standing up again because I feel the band has a lot more energy standing up.
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    I wouldn't mind a slow electronic drone album. Either that or tropicalia would be nice.
  • Taiko drums.
  • Geologist needs more!! MORE MORE!!!
  • if this 2012 thing comes true then CRIMSON [studio version] will be the last ac song of all time! eyah!
  • I don't know why, but at the moment I expect them to go full HCTI on us on the next album, just like that. And that's not a bad thing, by the way.
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  • I'd want it to be a mix up of feels, mpp, and strawberry jam. More feels and mpp though. with a touch of spirit haha. The production quality, pop feeling and "revolutionary" qualities of mpp with the surreal feelings given off by feels. with some fun weird stuff like on strawberry jam.
  • you want all the music they made over the last ten years to have an orgy party? Hmmm,the world might as well end. I don't think I can live in a world without new animal collective music.
  • [quote=Mzrokkks]I don't know why, but at the moment I expect them to go full HCTI on us on the next album, just like that. And that's not a bad thing, by the way.[/quote] I like your thinking. Everyone has some good ideas bouncing around. I think I would explode if my precious aminal cowwectib stopped making music.
  • [quote=G.O. !]if this 2012 thing comes true then CRIMSON [studio version] will be the last ac song of all time!eyah![/quote] That's sad :( Though I'm sure they'll release all their b-sides on one shiny disc (complete with new material!), a couple days before the apocalypse.
  • Oh man! I'll be excited when they've run their course as a group. It'll be a bummer, sure, but it'll mean new directions for them musically if they continue to make music, or it'll mean new directions for me when I find a new great group the music world or my mind might not have had space for before the Animal Collective was gone.
  • yes purplesage that's exactly what I want
  • box set of all unreleased AC Goodies 2000-2012 [12 DISK BOX SET!] it's hard to imagine them having golden songs like frogs / pilot / playpen / TUVIN! etc and not at least trying to do them in studio? who knows thoughs!
  • I wish they would re-record their newer songs to make a wholly acoustic, non-studio edited album (but there is no chance of that happening). And also a neo-HCTI would be amazing. There should be a surplus of Avey's screams on the new album. If Avey made a metal album, I would buy it.
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    Hey it's possible that there were demos or masters of frogs, tuvin, sleep fact, etc., in that bunch of tapes that were stolen. But yeah, it makes me think they must have ultra-high standards for themselves. As far as this speculation about an experimental phase renaissance... I really don't think they could pull it off without it being totally contrived and forced. They did HCTI, hollin, danse, spirit, and campfire at a time when they were taking a lot of psychedelics and when they were relatively new to each other musically. You can't fake that frenetic energy. That comes from genuine exploration -- from being lost (because if you're not lost, you're not a very good explorer). Going back to that would be a new thing for them in that they've never really gone into a golden oldies/hits/cash-in phase on their music (thank goodness) where they rehash shit they've already thoroughly explored. But man, I want it to be new. When it's new, it has the energy that makes HCTI and hollind and the rest really special. It can't be faked. So do you want them to sound more like they did back then? Or do you want the incredible experimental energy on the album? Because the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. I want it to be experimental in that it's a totally NEW set of sounds, not an old set of sounds that still has the new energy when I listen to it on record. Because it wouldn't have that energy if they really did do it. It would be the Furthur of the Animal Collective world.
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    Hard to argue with that reasoning ^ Maybe they'll do something we never even imagined could be possible. A HIP-HOP MIXTAPE! [img]http://assets1.lookatme.ru/assets/article_image-image/ef/98/2780245/article_image-image-article.16bb7433-0605-4f20-b09d-f619d3c88346.jpg[/img] This is not an impossibility!
  • i would buy three! They can't fake it but surely theres early recordings from around the year 2000 that nobody has heard yet. I WANT THOSE!
  • damn i wish more bands i really really dug would do stuff like that "oh hey... here's a lost album from 2002... here's another one from 2006!"
  • id like it to be AMAZING like legitimately amazing
  • I want it to be different in a way i could never anticipate
  • i want it to be bad in a way no one has ever quite been bad! will make Danse look like MPP to the casual fang!
  • Hahahahaha. Brilliant.
  • i laughed so hard when i saw that
  • I want it to be what they want to do. I want the band to be happy with what they create, and I'm willing to accept whatever they throw at me. But I'd prefer more Deak, give me the Deak.
  • i want it to be warm and stuffy like a hibernating bears anal cavity.
  • I....... agree Sagey.
  • hahahahaha
  • Maybe another metaph-eh, why not.
  • you need to stop thinking with your brain and start feeling with your heat! filsdlfjhsadlfjhslmnflnrnr930903o3
  • ¡eye c d lite!
  • id like an entire album of hums like in the bbc good lovin outside
  • [quote=G.O. !]i want it to be bad in a way no one has ever quite been bad!will make Danse look like MPP to the casual fang![/quote] perfect
  • I'd want it to be like a shoe in a paper bag. Where you walk around, but... Foot's still in the bag. The foot doesn't have to cling to anything, it's just there. In the bag, in the shoe.
  • thats a lazy ass shoe. Perhaps if it looks eccentric. Does the bag have to be brown? hmmm.. they dont come off to me as making anything brown unless they've been eating strawberry jam. :/ I like the concept though. If Avey and Kria can play an album backwards and people like it then why can't the anco play a song seperate from another song overdubbed onto that other song but they are related by touching but the beat plays only to one of the songs. like we tigers + the softest voice - acoustic guitars + whatever instrumentation they choose?
  • Oh hell no! Bag don't have to be brown. But the shoes do. Brown shoes. They... don't... MAKE IT! They probably could make that song. And, in fact, I expect them to now. You'd better tell them what's next on their plate. A delicious plate. With strawberry jam on it. Hey, I got some great strawberry jam that a family member made. Tastes like real, little strawberries, it's great.
  • little straw berries! little white lies like "Dave was there!" and you were there!
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    That's more confusing than [u]the Hardly Boys.[/u]
  • Something not so busy for sure. An album's worth of Country Report/Tomboyish (particularly Friendship Bracelet, Drone) stuff would be a great break from the big sounds they've been exploring lately. Don't get me wrong, love the last two albums to death. But the band's about change and that'd be a cool direction.
  • I want something more chaotic structure wise but more stripped down instrumentally if that even makes sense, throwing all accessibility out the window and exploring some of the soundscapes they did around 10 years ago.I guess i want their next album to be a return to their noise roots even though it's pretty unlikely.
  • The band's about to change! We're all about to change. Right... NOW!
  • [quote=coreyhoulden]Doo-wop![/quote] I endorse this message.
  • I love centipede shirts but I would like to hear the next album be more acoustic based like ST, and with any sort of electronic samples I am sure they could make it sick nasty.
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    I wish they would sort of devolve back into that tribal drum stage they sort of went to, or at least reincorporate that sort of driving beat using varied drums. Fall Be Kind if my favorite work by AnCo at the moment. Also, I think it would be really cool if they experimented with some country/bluegrass vibes.
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