why dont more animal collective fans post here?

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here is a question WHY DONT FANS POST SHIT HERE guess alot of people are busy, but surely some animal collective fans would wanna post about how friggin cool animal collective are and like YEAH and im not counting you people who are like "yeah i like this album over this album boopety boop bedo" so yeah? what could possible dissuade people from expressing their opinions of animal collecitve on this fine site


  • collectedanimals.org (tbh) this site is just people, who like animal collective, talking about other stuff. i hope it stays that way :)
  • yeah... years of freaking out WHEN WILL ALL THE PEOPLE COME? WE MUST MAKE PEOPLE COME! but then it just freaks everyone out and we realize the people had already come ... and they'll go... and come back ... and new people will do that too! and it all fits! i KNOW the peaches fit cuz i watched them fall away hey!
  • collected animal.org ay............... G.O im not quite sure where u are coming from with your outlandish statements
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    Minnesota, I think. Yeah if you wanna talk about Animal Collective visit the top half of CA. The bottom half is more like this, more social. But the top half's very focused. I still like the music a lot. As much as I ever did, really. But I just got tired of talking about it all the time. Turns out I valued this particular space for the social part more than the gushing over AC's great music aspect. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • no no... it's a perfectly ok lifestyle choice! uh! i got my fill of radiohead and ac talk over the years Super Furries? not so much! they never had a real hardcore fanbase message board world but they're cult figures on my radiohead board so that was satisfied too and then MEN WITHOUT HATS! not many other bands i can think of where i'd want to be on their board well ... cloud cult and mallman... but they're too local or yokel or something!
  • Rrrrrthatsfivers.com
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    i dont like radiohead
  • that's why we call you hugh!
  • But... BUT... It's [i]Radiohead[/i]... Their lead singer and their lead guitarist are so brilliant! And the rest of the band's damn good, too. And so much of their stuff is atmospheric and pleasant and easy to groove to! Not everything is Hail To The Thief! What don't you like about them?
  • and i happen to LOVE hail to the thief! more than rainbows and the last one for sure! speaking of they're on austin shitty glimits tonight! better go check it out! i think it's going to have some new stuff and a performance of THE AMAZING SOUNDS OF ORGY! which should be AMAZING! if not a little amusing!
  • No criticism of Thief intended; I remembered it was one of your favorites. I just meant that there's such a wide range with stuff that's very accessible and that all of it's pretty tasteful and lovely. I wish I had tv to see them tonight.
  • Remember when I didn't like radiohead? It comes to everyone eventually
  • this might be why more animal collective fans don't post here
  • I think a good portion of Animal Collective fans don't have hands or fingers and therefore cannot access the site.
  • Never thought of it that way
  • You stick around, you start to pick up pearls of wisdom.
  • then those pearls turn into girls! and the oysters wept... DEAD CLAMS! reverse smalp
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