Great Live performances by other bands

what are some of your guy's favorite performances by bands other than AC? Here is one of my favorites:


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    Battles is cool.
  • I love Battles. Hadn't seen that one before- thanks for sharing!
  • if only more of their stuff lived up to... that song! ATLAS! dammit! very frust or grating!
  • I've watched that Battles video so many times the last couple days. Thanks for that. I was going to post a Jeff Mangum video but the youtube user goldenpuppy something apparently took them down? you guys know which videos I mean? such good quality.
  • all the other kids tell all the other kids that "that's the way you do it!"
  • I've seen a decent handful of live shows, but Of Montreal has always been able to really get my goat... Never had the pleasure of seeing an AC set, it's on the "before I die" list for sure.
  • in case we try not to die!
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