Favorite Animal Collective back-to-backs

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What are your favorite AC songs that apear back to back on whatever album theyre from? I like Native Belle/Hey Light I See You Pan/Pride and Fight Someday I'll grow.../ Alvin Row


  • Infant Dressing Table/Panic Daffy Duck/Loch Raven
  • Corey, hold on! Ostracism fruit basket vs. The winding Jingo brigade I love listening to Foreverend Green and then Fireworks! No More Runnin' to Sporty Bros (friends :) Banshee Bees! Words»Grass Winters Love and Kids on Holiday (bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum) The angry panhandler. Angry like a fitful sea. Still haven't found a way to give comfort to Jerome :( :'( Heather in the Hospital»Lucky 1 UNO, DOS, TRES,
  • leaf house who could win a rabbit
  • Bees/Banshee Beat !!!
  • my new favorite song by them is safer. I wonder what would have happened if they has continued in the direction of that song. I love the samples, the notes used, Aveys barely distinguishable ambiguous lyrics, the transition and the second part. It's a classic sweet sorrow song. It reminds me of rap in a sense.
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    Loch Raven/Turn Into Something Tthis is the fourth Feels backtoback mentioned, and all of them are different! XD
  • avey parading around the stage like some sorta wannabe rapper lol
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    [quote=G.O. !]avey parading around the stage like some sorta wannabe rapper lol[/quote] this might be the only post I've ever seen of yours that could have conceivably been written by someone else. I've been listening to Doggy/Two Corvettes a lot recently.
  • i think that one was by someone else! at one point but it got sucked in!
  • same xio I have been into a lot of CS lately. Which reminds me Queen in my pics/Doggy is a great back to back
  • played campfire songs at a little fire (get it?) not that long back did not work at ALL man what a snooze more like CRAPFIRE TONGUES! ouch! that RELAY hurt!
  • guys eyes into taste is pretty nice
  • wonder what guys eyes taste like wonder what GIRLS eyes taste bike!
  • i don't know i havent tried it i HAVE tasted a lion in a coma, though
  • damn now i want a lion burger!
  • Heather in the Hospital to Lucky 1 is siiiiiiiiiiickk
  • Nothing beats dont believe the pilot into wcwar on ACB
  • This is starting to look like a deadhead's tape collection. First set standouts were BIOTDL, Stranger, Shakedown, GSET. Second set Estimated>Eyes>Wharf sequence killer. Great China>Rider, NFA, FOTD jams. Encore GDTRFB>UJB. Cookin'!
  • New Town Burnout into Monkey Riches!!
  • Daffy Duck is so good. I love the noises in the background, like the faint coyote howls or dog yelps. It really adds to the atmosphere of the song
  • I was just coming here to say, HITH to Lucky 1. [quote=IkoOvo]Heather in the Hospital to Lucky 1 is siiiiiiiiiiickk[/quote] [quote=Dave]Heather in the Hospital»Lucky 1UNO, DOS, TRES,[/quote] [img]http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS7gJtBJ6AdT6bJ7yEAd402enmgDvaNBCSD1OcmGD8DiM736xtlUw[/img]
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]Nothing beats dont believe the pilot into wcwar on ACB[/quote] yes.
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    [quote=welcometonarnia]Ticonderoga said:Nothing beats dont believe the pilot into wcwar on ACByes.[/quote] whats ACB? EDIT:nevermind
  • Tic I wholeheartedly agree with you
  • keep reading this as fave AC back to basics! just like gold times!
  • Pulleys into Amanita, just downright delicious. Also, Guys Eyes into Taste.
  • Tasty games!
  • Rosie Oh into Crimson :)
  • fickle sickle intro into purplebottle
  • Cuckoo Cuckoo into Derek or Fireworks into #1
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    Queen In My Pictures into Doggy
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    Wide eyed> Father time Lion in a coma> No more runnin Unsolved mysteries> Chores jk
  • Loch Raven>turn into somthing someday ill be as tall as the giant<Alvin Row Graze<what would I want sky? glass bottom boat <ghost of books surfers hymn<last night at the jetty
  • I love doggy>hey light from various 2007 shows
  • [quote=Purplesage]Loch Raven>turn into somthing[/quote] the greatest
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]I love doggy>hey light from various 2007 shows[/quote] me too but I prefer studio hey light as the live seems like a severe lack of representation. the whole song is great but they only play a snippet without those "LIGHT!!!!!" and guitar parts, it's trippy doggy demo
  • I love the upward notes in the reworked hey light
  • La Rapet into Bat You'll Fly is always great. Also Essplode into Meet the Light Child, my two favorite Danse tracks. And of course Leaf House and Rabbit is legendary. I was gonna do one for each album but I don't think anyone cares.
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    Go on ElCamino, if I list off my fav back-to-back from every record you have to as well. Someday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As A Giant - Alvin Row Penguin Penguin - Another White Singer (Little White Glove) There's An Arrow - Lablakely Dress Infant Dressing Table - Panic Queen In My Pictures - Doggy Winter's Love - Kids On Holiday (although I'd rather say the first part of Winter's Love into the second) Loch Raven - Turn Into Something Winter Wonderland - Cuckoo Cuckoo Guy's Eyes - Taste Mr. Fingers - Kindle Song New Town Burnout - Monkey Riches
  • [quote=sebsattin]There's An Arrow - Lablakely Dress first part of Winter's Love into the second Loch Raven - Turn Into Something Guy's Eyes - Taste Mr. Fingers - Kindle Song New Town Burnout - Monkey Riches[/quote] some of my favs as well
  • Alright then here's mine: La Rapet - Bat You'll Fly (La Rapet through to Alvin Row is my favorite part of Spirit) Essplode - Meet the Light Child Pride and Fight - Forest Gospel Moo Rah Rah Rain - De Soto De Son Slippi - Too Soon Leaf House - Who Could Win a Rabbit Did You See the Words - Grass For Reverend Green - Fireworks Guys Eyes - Taste Working - Tantrum Barb New Town Burnout - Monkey Riches
  • the complete lack of transition or silence inbetween a manatee danse>penguin penguin is simply orgasmic
  • but the transition from penguin penguin to white glove is smooth
  • theres too much melodic-less chaos inbetween the end of penguin and the transition into white glove you guys realy dont like amd>pp?
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]theres too much melodic-less chaos inbetween the end of penguin and the transition into white gloveyou guys realy dont like amd>pp?[/quote] its pearfect
  • in the flowers mysterious feel into my girls feels like waking up in oz or wonderland or walking through the closet to narnia or going through time in a time machine. It's one of the reasons that makes it their masterpiece.
  • The placement of the songs with the transistions gives the songs easier-to-detect thematic connections.
  • strawberry jams songs end in deceptive cadences kind of destroying a chance of a pretty transition. Fireworks to 1# is alright
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