Favorite live reworks?

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What are your favorite new(er) versions of old(er) songs AC played live? My favorite might be the 2007 Doggy into Hey Light


  • rabbit by far! there's that part on the album they do frustratingly for just a second and i think man they should hold that note ... and on the rework... they DO! ... and then it turns into wah wah wah and then SLAMS right back into the song ... in the most perfect way!
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    I think you got it. Rabbit rework is as good in its own way as the original. Maybe even better in some ways. My second favorite is 2009 Banshee Beat, after that is 07-08 Leaf House (so dark) followed by in no particular order, 2011 Taste (I saw the breakout!), and 2011 Did You See The Words.
  • Slippi and WCWAR Good to see they were both mentioned
  • that one kinda pissed me off! slippi deserved better than that! both the 09 and 02 versions weren't quite up to par with what i'd consider the REAL slippi LIVE! in concert!
  • You're right the energy wasnt really there But i really liked Panda's harmonies in the rework Just a new take that i happened to enjoy
  • It needs more frenetic craziness IMO.
  • Just found a bbc session from 2007 on CA it has high quality recordings of Fireworks/Essplode and Leaf House/Who Could Win A Rabbit The newer live iterations of Leaf House and Who Could Win A Rabbit!! I am soooo happy that this exists! It sounds fantastic!
  • There's another 2007 soundboard that I know of, that one from an NPR radio broadcast. Excellent sound quality and cookin' performance. Date is 2007/09/28. Has some early MPP/FBK tunes, really has some magic. It was one of my favorites for a long time. Just put it on again, it's still wonderful.
  • 2009 Winter's Love is very pleasant but has always felt kind of underwhelming to me. It's way chiller than the album version, like the tightness of the album version just went "ahhhhh" and became slow-groove looseness.
  • I'm on the "all known live recordings" thread now. There's no radio session on 2007-09-28. There was a concert at 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA With this setlist: 1. [intro] 2. In the Flowers 3. Peacebone 4. My Girls 5. Summertime Clothes 6. Who Could Win a Rabbit 7. [banter] 8. Graze 9. Derek 10. Fireworks / Essplode 11. Daily Routine 12. Brother Sport 13. No More Runnin 14. Unsolved Mysteries 15. Leaf House 16. [banter] 17. #1 18. We Tigers
  • Where is this soundboard you speak of, Dave???
  • I got it from "Gets" when the old board was up and still had that section, my copy probably has the wrong date on it. But it's the same show, I can't imagine there are two shows from the 9:30 club two nights apart with the same exact setlist. The intro should be some guy mentioning that the show's on "All Songs Considered" if it's the same recording. Is it available in FLAC? My copy's like 226kbps and shitty. Even 320 would be preferable.
  • It's a beautiful show.
  • Fireworks/Essplode was cool but some versions got to like 15-16 minutes! I mean it's a good song but it feels like they drag it out about 5 minutes too long. I agree that WCWAR is the best reworked song though.
  • SOmetimes Avey puts in this guitar solo during fireworks/essplode that I really love
  • sometimes avey... PUTS things... in his guitar oh GOD! i won't say no more!
  • Support your brother! Sport your guitar!
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