The Books

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I would imagine there's a lot of AC fans who love The Books as well.. and if not, there should be. I like AC far more, but The Books are definitely next in line in terms of emotional, inventive, mindblowing music that I really feel connected to. If you guys haven't listened to them at all yet.. I envy you. Obtain the Lemon of Pink album.


  • Will do, I haven't heard of them before. I'm excited.
  • THE BOOKS ARE BACK IN TOWN! i dug some of their stuff... i liked the more "song-ish" songs (i know some don't) but i actually really like the guy solo... ZAMMUTO! ... i like him more than the damn bookies! bookert! zammy muttley oh! that box set of all their stuff and the super buncha bonus lost songs was groovy as hell! i love extensive lost song collections! the stuff that didn't make the proverbial cut!
  • I haven't listened to them in years..thank you for reminding me
  • Their last album was pretty amazing imo. The album had a really cool concept around it which made it even more of an enjoyable listen.
  • zam motto bettah!
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