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Let's talk about our favorite Animal Collective moments. Whether it be moments in songs that struck you as super awesome (Alvin Row "run"), or just moments that you've experienced with their music, like say you were taking a walk through a forest while listening to Loch Raven, and then suddenly started running when Turn Into Something came on (happened to me!) not sure if a thread like this has been made since the search function just does not function to my satisfaction. but anyway i'd love to read about your favorite AC moments!


  • dancing to brothersport at my grandfathers funeral
  • visiting friends. every single time
  • First time I listened to feels was one of the more emotional moments of my life.
  • First time I listened to feels was one of the more emotional moments of my life.
  • wow I did not mean to post that three times lol
  • [quote=Purplesage]dancing to brothersport at my grandfathers funeral[/quote] first reaction to this was "wth is wrong with this guy!" and then i realized that the song is pretty much about getting over Noah's dads death, so i guess it's fitting [quote=blinky9873]First time I listened to feels was[/quote] when i realized that they're my favorite band :D
  • That moment in Graze right before the pan flute comes in
  • That moment in Graze right before the pan flute comes in
  • Ohhh i think that part is my favorite panda melody of all time. Maybe behind the last third of carrots
  • walking through the park at night with fog and a full moon listening to the transition of safer. "I'm ALRIGHHTT!!"
  • Hey Light drum build up into the vocals and the Alvin Row moment are probably my two favorite. So many others though.. elusive in Houston, swimming pooooooooool, Infant Dressing Table's "woooooooah's",
  • Listening to SJ walking around an island tripping. Listening to MPP on amanitas. So many good moments, it's hard to list them without making them seem trivial. But it's nice to remember them.
  • ommmgggg when they "hey hey hey hey hey hey"s start in visiting friends then the bowbowbowbowbobowbow thing starts i just get so lost. ive experienced the quickest 12 minutes in history listening to that song
  • when they played this live and i totally got the vibe
  • I love this song
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    @purplesage i got chills when they started playing the bit at 3.59 "im gonna bring back some stories and gaa-a-a-ames"
  • I just had an amazing ac moment. I was driving two minutes ago and suddenly oliver twist came on on just as the opening ring came in I saw a huge cloud of fog up ahead. As soon as I entered it the loud swirling noises came in over my speakers and I could hear and see individual puffs of water hurling at me. By the time Avey started singing I was out of the fog and driving in the middle of a huge janky ass swamp and it was very chilling.
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    [i]the[/i] Oliver Twist experience.
  • until i totally can't remember my naaaaaaaame! a chilling thought!
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