The Roundhouse show, Camden

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Wow. Absolutely amazing. Such a great show, totally exceeded expectations. here is a short video of it (peacebone) (watch in 1080p quality for best sound/picture) If you are thinking about going to see these guys, i highly recommend it. Singing was great and they just did a great job with song interludes and energy and everything. Cant really find the words but just go see them! .............*EDIT*.............. heres Brother Sport at the same show: .................................


  • Thanks dude
  • no problem dude, just wish i had stood there with my phone out for the whole show! found another video really good quality aswell, the last song they played after their encore thing.
  • YES i've been looking for a video of live Amanita for a while now
  • that extended ending... @-)
  • a few more for good luck ......
  • wow dude, their budget has increased. Check out Avey's ear thingamadooder. I remember back when they couldn't even afford tables to put their samplers and keyboards and stuff on. JK, I was probably 6 or 7 and I was not a fan of Animal Collective at the time. Only because I was not aware they existed.
  • Avey has talked about doing damage to his hearing, looks like he's finally gone and found either in-ear monitors or plugs he likes.
  • oh yeah about the extended ending at the end of amantia, there were tons of other bits like this throughout, was great hearing totally new sounds and vibes (whatevr i mean by 'vibes' lol)
  • Thanks for posting these videos, at work right now and can't watch them because youtube is blocked. Going to watch them when I get home. Every time I hear these guys it reminds me of the show at the Tabernacle. There was such great positive energy from the crowd. And the vibes ^ I know what you mean bro XD
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    This show was great. At times though, I couldn't help feel like this:
  • You kidding me dude? Deakin's voice is lovely.
  • Oh man, I didn't click the link. I thought it was just like.... You know, like... Like.... Deakin! I also like his voice. Was he singing more than his one song on the pre-album tour?
  • oh didnt see the link, what the fuck, deakin was awesome singing, like his thing on the guitar god damn american n00bs right here
  • Yeah, these new Americans! Jeez! On a more long-winded note, I feel like it's natural for people to have opinions other than mine, and it also seems to generally end alright when one disagrees with those opinions or calls something specific about them into question. I guess I also feel like, in a perfect world, it's better to draw the line at calling names, since when that point is reached the possibility of working toward any kind of mutual understanding starts to dwindle.
  • yeah you are definetly right. but i have this vision of stupid people and i react inside that vision. need to retrain my brain for forum writing!
  • lets all calm down and dance like this
  • For sure I relate to where you're coming from man. Sorry to lecture.
  • absolutely gorgeous show! i was in such a happy trance all week
  • It was an amazing show, slightly dampened by people behind me complaining about lack of old material. They're right to an extent but people gotta understand that they're gonna tour CHz by playing Strawberry Jam in its entirety...
  • stupid people need the most love!
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