Animal Collective concert rescheduled for december 4th & 5th in NY, Terminal 5

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I'm happy for the fact that the concert is rescheduled but I'm kind of only 17 so for one thing it sucks that I have school both of those days and I've been hearing people day Terminal 5 is a shitty venue. I really hope those who paid for tickets get priority when buying them again. But I'm still dissappointed with the venue and date of the event but I'm grateful for most of it. What do you guys think of the whole situation?


  • Why would they play a shitty venue, you know? Esp. in NYC, where they are beloved? Is it all ages, but you can't go because it's a school night? Or would you not be able to go, regardless, but you still have feelings about it? I don't even know if we have any New Yorkers on board currently...
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    I imagine it's issues with booking... Since this is a replacement show and since their schedules are limited and because every venue in NY gets booked months in advance, my guess would be that they took the best thing they could get. It is too bad it's not an ideal venue, but I hope you can enjoy it anyway.
  • Hey Pan, hope you can find a way to make it. TM has postponement pre sale but is asking for a password. I don't remember getting one, do you?
  • Ticketmaster is such a shitty outfit, man. Maybe Obama will destroy Ticketmaster and have us go back to non-ridiculously priced ticket reseller outfits. Or venues selling their own tickets. Obama-man to the rescue!
  • This is such bull shit, I havent had power since last monday, I get no fucking email about the presale from ticket master and now I'm just so fed up with all the shit of the past two weeks I'm not even gonna bother T5 sucks anyway.
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    I'm sorry you don't have power (I grew up in Miami and 1-3 weeks without power was a recurring thing, I sympathize). It may still be worth it even if the venue isn't any good, though. Maybe? I mean, the music will probably be good.
  • I guess i'll just wait for radiohead to come back to the states. I don't think I'll be able to go, ah well, I still love em.
  • gotta love them @ their ends! THE BENDS!
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