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So I know this is massively cliched and has probably already been done but the other night I went into my black hole and tried to list off my top 10 collective tongs. It ended up being 20... then 50... so I had to strip it back down to 25. Yes I cut out a lot of greats (lablakely dress, water curses, safer, grass, twee jivers etc.etc.) but I did reach it in the end and it turned out to be relatively rounded, career-spanning-wise. I wanna hear yours too. 25. Tikwid 24. New Town Burnout 23. Kids On Holiday 22. Loch Raven 21. Someday I'll Grow To Be As Tall As A Giant 20. No More Runnin' 19. Essplode 18. Doggy 17. Peacebone 16. Monkey Riches 15. Cuckoo Cuckoo 14. What Happened 13. Chocolate Girl 12. Leaf House 11. Happy Singing Band 10. What Would I Want? Sky 9. Cobwebs 8. Slippi 7. I Remember Learning How To Dive 6. Gotham 5. For Reverend Green 4. Did You See The Words 3. Brothersport 2. College (!) 1. Banshee Beat Hit me


  • i think brother sport is their best [i]song[/i]. in the most basic definition of a song's structure and the fact that its impossible to get sick of it i think that might be true. its not my favorite, but lets face facts. i think either brother sport, wwiw?s or banshee beat are their best [i]songs[/i]. like [i]singy sing songs[/i] anyways i will make my 25 list later!
  • Very nice list.. weird to see Someday and no Alvin Row though? And I don't understand how College can be second haha, although I do love it a lot. My biggest disagreements would be Gotham and Monkey Riches, they come nowhere near my top 25. I'll do one later as well.
  • xiomera - Alvin never did it for me in the same way although at the same time Someday wouldn't quite be complete without it. As for College, even though it's only a songette, I find myself more attached to it than any other (bar banshee). I know people on the whole don't favour Gotham but it really hit the spot after all that waiting. And I suppose the CHz inclusions could move down after time but they're still fresh!
  • Also, like anyone else, favourability comes and goes. Tomorrow could well be a People or Danse day
  • I hope I grow to like Centipede more.. but right now, it only gets one song, barely. t25. Happy Singing Band, My Girls, New Town Burnout 24. #1 23. Throwing the Round Ball 22. Taste 21. Who Could Win A Rabbit 20. Chocolate Girl 19. Essplode 18. In the Singing Box 17. De Soto De Son 16. Turn Into Something 15. For Reverend Green 14. April and the Phantom 13. We Tigers 12. Brothersport 11. Did You See the Words 10. Winter's Love 9. Water Curses 8. Guys Eyes 7. What Would I Want? Sky 6. Fireworks 5. The Purple Bottle 4. Hey Light 3. Infant Dressing Table 2. Banshee Beat 1. Alvin Row Not too many curveballs, I suppose, but I don't think the greatness of any of these songs can be denied. I usually think of HCtI as my favorite album, yet only had room for 2 songs off it.. granted they're at 3 and 4 ha. shit, Native Belle and Too Soon should probably be in there somewhere.
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    Warranted negativity.
  • you having a rough day? [quote=Dave]I guess I also feel like, in a perfect world, it's better to draw the line at calling names, since when that point is reached the possibility of working toward any kind of mutual understanding starts to dwindle.[/quote]
  • Umm.. Dave? What the fuck?
  • Panic is in my top five easily
  • hahahah wtf dave
  • Well maybe you'd like to show us navel-gazers your top 25 so we can marvel at all [i]your[/i] wondrous curveballs and obscurities
  • I have always preferred the Latinate, "omphalloskepsis". I just petted piggies! My neighbors. Now I smell like shit! OK! Back to our regularly scheduled thread!
  • I can't even THINK of 25 AC songs right now! It's like, if you suddenly asked me to name an AC song I would immediately blurt out Brother Sport but to name the rest in following less-love is hard! I'm so emotionally connected to the discography that it's been upsetting to listen to ANY lately. All that i've been able to stand is the Pantha Du Prince version of Peacebone.
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]Panic is in my top five easily[/quote] Up there with A Manatee Dance and Untitled? ;)
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    if a manatee dance and penguin penguin were one song itd be #1!
  • I know not this song of Penguin plurality. They are lovely in the water, yet awkward on the land.
  • Well, on a lighter note here's my top 25! 1. Alvin Row 2. Grass 3. Winter's Love 4. Safer 5. Who Could Win a Rabbit? 6. For Reverend Green 7. Did You See the Words? 8. Applesauce 9. Slippi 10.La Rapet 11. Water Curses 12. Moonjock 13. What Would I Want? Sky 14. Purple Bottle 15. Monkey Riches 16. Bat You'll Fly 17. Meet the Light Child 18. Peacebone 19. Brothersport 20. Summertime Clothes 21. Ice Cream Factory 22. Today's Supernatural 23. Leaf House 24. Kids on Holiday 25. Ahhh Good Country Honorable mentions: Native Belle, We Tigers, Cobwebs, Tantrum Barb, Graze, All their other songs. This was so hard to narrow down to 25,I had to leave so many great songs out!
  • I know it's difficult right?! Maybe a Top 100 would be more agreeable (albeit horrendously time consuming)
  • 1. Winter's Love 2. Loch Raven 3. Turn Into Something 4. Alvin Row 5. Amanita 6. What I Do 7. What Would I Want? Sky 8. New Town Burnout 9. Mr. Fingers 10. What Happened 11. Lablakely Dress 12. Brothersport 13. From A Beach 14. Street Flash 15. Bees 16. In The Singing Box 17. Fireworks 18. Did You See the Words 19. Banshee Beat 20. Today's Supernatural 21. Mercury Man 22. Leaf House 23. For Reverend Green 24. Purple Bottle 25. Slippi sad that i had to cut My Girls, In the Flowers, Native Belle, Essplode, Winter Wonderland, Water Curses list goes on :((
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    Lablakely Dress Panic #1 Doggy Infant Dressing Table Visiting Friends Daffy Duck Kindle Song Taste There's an Arrow That's right. I made a list ranking AnCo's music without your approval, oh almighty Dave. Suck it.
  • Here are 25 Animal Collective songs that are very special to me. Chronological order Chocolate Girl La Rapet Alvin Row Meet the Light Child The Living Toys Native Belle Infant Dressing Table Two Corvettes Kids On Holiday Mouth Wooed Her It's you Prospect Hummer Flesh Canoe Banshee Beat Loch Raven People Unsolved Mysteries Fireworks Cuckoo Cuckoo Street Flash In the Flowers Daily Routine Taste What Would I Want? Sky New Town Burnout
  • Bluish daily routine hey light doggy alvin row someday ill be as tall as the giant reverend green fireworks chores new town burnout monkey riches amanitas infant dressing table visiting friends kids on holiday the softest voice safer honeycomb meet the light child ahh good country throwing the round ball essplode ghost of books laughing hyroglyphic oliver twist take pills crimson grass the puurplebottle banshee beat loch raven etcetcetc
  • You guys have some great Top 25's :)) Here be mine: Number 1 would be my ultimate favourite: 25. Applesauce 24. Derek 23. Meet the light child 22. Fireworks 21. Loch Raven 20. Summertime clothes 19. Street Flash 18. Did you see the words 17. My girls 16. Seal Eyeing 15. Brother sport 14. Essplode 13. Chocolate girl 12. Amanita 11. Gotham 10. Pulleys 9. Honeycomb 8. What would I want? Sky 7. Leaf house 6. Turn into something 5. Tikwid 4. The Purple bottle 3. Bluish 2. Cobwebs 1. Water Curses I might have some that you guys might think are weird, but I look forward to hearing opinions and such.
  • Actually all of those songs would almost certainly make it onto my top 50.. apart from Bluish. Can't really explain why, I just never really liked Bluish
  • EFFORT i am enjoying applesauce though.
  • sebsattin, bluish is an absolute beatiful song. But i dont really listen to it anymore, that the thing with animal collective songs, you have to connect. But if someone has never heard them before they generally think wow this is amazing.
  • lol Damian all of Water Curses is on your list!
  • Indeed it is! Its my favourite album and its sound is so amazing to my ears. Bluish is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. I saw this cover done by, I think it was, a couple in shower. She was singing with the guitar and he was using a cello. I fell in love with Bluish all over when I heard it :)
  • I suppose I'm still waiting for it to hit me all these years later. It's taken me a while to get into Danse and it started coming round a few months ago so fingers crossed Bluish will too. But so far, no such luck...
  • Bluish is hit and miss for me. Sometimes its beautiful, other times its boring, same goes for Daily Routine
  • I did not have any order, I was just listing songs I like. Narnia's list is pretty close to mine though if I had one. I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    [quote=Purplesage]Narnia's list is pretty close to mine though if I had one. [/quote] I started making a list but I realized it wasn't possible to make a list for me to make a list because I many of the songs the same. My favorite song is Bluish thougg. Partly because of its lyrics and because its the first AC I ever loved. Daily Routine is the only AC I never really liked, despite its popularity in the AC fanbase. It sounds annoying at times tbh The concept of the song is amazing though.
  • I personally always preferred the extended live version of Daily Routine because the spacey second half is given a lot more of a personality which is where I would find a fault with the studio version. Really annoyed at the original list I made now because I'm having serious Spirit, Strawberry and Indian week...
  • spiritual withdrawls!
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