Panda Bear-Tomboy

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My name is Niamh. I am a producer for theatre in Ireland, and a huge fan of all of yours! I was at the gig in Vicar Street on the 6th, and it was surreal for me. I have been listening to your music for sooo long, and without even trying, it has influenced my work endless amounts! I have had successes in my career as both producer and writer, and luckily, just last week, a theatre company has picked up my newest script and asked me if they can produce it. I never really dreamed this would happen, so when writing, I made the sound track to the show from the songs that spoke out strongest about the subject. (To give some context: The show (not sharing title on purpose just yet!) is about a trans-gender female who's lover has just died, and she returns to their home to give their own show one last go, and struggles with her identity, but like Sisyphus, at the end, circularity comes to eat her whole, and she ends up in the exact same place she was before her lover came along to save her from loneliness... yep. Alone.) It's hard hitting, as it should be. I see it as gender activism more than theatre... SO my big question is, how can I open the show with the song "Tomboy" from Panda Bear's extraordinary album of the same title? I DO NOT want to go under anyone's noses about this, and I will contact the other artists too. I am willing to do whatever needs be to have this open my show. It is sooo important that the music speaks to the audience as loud as the performance art. If anyone would like to read the text itself, please let me know, there is a lot I'm leaving out, as of course I gotta protect my script too! And the beautiful woman inside it before her big reveal to the world. Any help is much appreciated. BIG LOVE!


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