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Ok so I've always had this mild obsession with setlists. How songs flow and run into one another. Now since Animal Collective's albums do this anyway, it's almost as if the tracklists are setlists which has made them all the more brilliant for me. I wanna know if you remember any of their setlists, or bits within their sets that you've seen, that really jumped out at you. If you remember the gig but not the songs, could help you. I'm only 20 and I'm from London so I only caught wind of them around Person Pitch/Strawberry Jam era and therefore missed out on lots of shows but I have done my best to catch up so here are a few that I've seen and loved: Koko, London, 22 May 2008 Koko, London, 12 Jan 2009 Warehouse Project, Manchester, 8 Nov 2012


  • I just saw them for the first time a month and a half ago at Merriweather, and I haven't yet gotten into too many of the boots, but their setlists from 04/05 are pretty absurd. Banshee Beat, Purple Bottle, People, Turn Into Something, We Tigers, Kids on Holiday.. just so many great songs I wish I had the chance to see performed. I listen to this acoustic set all the time from an 04 show. 2004-08-16 Other Music, New York, NY, USA 1. [untitled] 2. [Happy Singing Band] 3. [untitled] 4. Lablakely Dress 5. Covered in Frogs 6. On a Plain 7. Winters Love 8. Baby Day 9. I Remember Learning How to Dive The untitled third song is so so good, does anyone have any info on it?
  • funny i was just listening to the boot from their performance on 2004-08-15 (never been to an Animal Collective show, but i plan to remedy that next time they come to Toronto)
  • I love the show with penguin penguin and the lablakely dress from hollinn
  • Love that 2004 show and all the acoustic bootlegs, it woulda been crazy to see one of them
  • thanks for posting, this is pretty interesting to me
  • nice to know what the manc one was as it is similar to the one i went to in london
  • Yeah I was at the london one too, the set was the same - I just preferred it up there because it had a better atmosphere
  • Are new songs a possibility for next tour? Because I'm seeing them in January. I mean they had such a long break after mpp because they took 2010 off but got straight back into writing songs in 2011. I know they've got solo stuff to work on but that didn't stop them in the past. My favorite setlists would be from 2006, they'd usually have safer, cuckoo cuckoo, fireworks, reverend green and banshee beat all in the same show.
  • I'm not sure that there'd be enough time between ending this leg of the tour on Dec 5th and restarting in Jan for them to work new songs in (supposing they even have any). Also I totally agree, the 2006 sets are my favourites. There's also a really good bootleg from late 2004 that I love:
  • Sorry that's just the setlist, here's the vid:
  • love that one too, especially since it was in Toronto. The quality is really good.
  • really sebsattin? i was gonna go to it, but it would of been on my own...... wish i went now, i loved the london one wasnt bothered about the cockney atmosphere
  • thanks for that post aswell, great live set love purple bottle live
  • like covered in frogs from this one aswell
  • and winters love from the vid i just posted ! heartfelt!
  • Strangely enough I went to the London one on my own and happened to be up in Manc with mates when they were playing so went again on a whim
  • cool, by the way thankyou for showing me that breezeblock session with animal collective, love it! sleeper factory is great never heard it, and they play all the songs really like warmly on that live recording
  • covered in DOGS!
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