Why dont we all make some music

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Since animal collective to me are a great source of inspiration, wheres all the music at?


  • I need a good program first or buy a sampler and then I could start making music.
  • Or you could just :ar! I'm not suggesting anything though.
  • i dont know animal collective are doing a pretty good job might just let them, but for me they are the best by faaaaaaaaar. and i mean a massive amount. Why arent there some other people filling in the gaps? do all the creative people get snapped up to advertise shit to the masses in a really annoying way or produce nicki minaj/rihanna/that dance song with the new beats in? ANSWER ME or display your view to the forum at large
  • anco fan problems. "WHERE HAS ALL THE CREATIVITY GONE!!!!?!?!?!" They pine away in basements and work jobs at fast food places and la ti da. Part of it is because of the economy's's's's. during bad economic standings few corporations have control of the musical industry. In my mind it's a miracle that I know animal collective exists. People don't control the market anymore, the market controls the people.
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    All this doom and gloom, necessary? You don't have to let radio pop get to you, just don't listen to it! The 'creative people', I'm guessing, get lost in the masses and masses of new independent musicians that now exist thanks to the internet. So if you want creative music, you're going to have to really look hard for it. [quote=Purplesage]In my mind it's a miracle that I know animal collective exists.[/quote] And AnCo are giants in the """underground/indie""" world!! Being a new and creative musician must be really, really daunting.
  • Like Bradforg from Deerhunter said "WTF is INDIE?" I think indie is modern alternative. If one says alternative I think of pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, etc. Alternative is the alternative to pop which is what indie is.
  • i dunno i dont really care anymore, i guess animal collective are good at making music but not good at marketing it whatsoever......? mabye they dont wanna, either way i listened to merriweather before and its fucking relaxing :O
  • I don't know what more they could be doing to get their music out there though, most really creative music is kept underground because most people are so damn closeminded when it comes to music.
  • Animal Collective do quite a bit of marketing from what I've seen. There were a ton of posters for their show in my hometown and they did the Keep EP and shoes. It was for charity but it certainly counts towards marketing. In the end people are just going to listen to what they want to listen to, pop and shitty hip-hop sell so that's what's primarily going to be on commercial radio.
  • shorty shorty in the club, drop it low give me some love shorty shorty on the floor, drop it low give me some more from the window...to the wall, shorty in the club and you know we gone ball take you back to my place, shorty in the club I'm in her face ooooo lalalala ooooo baby baby ooooooo lalalalal ooooooo baby baby (This song was brought to you by Bud light and Pepsi in an obvious attempt to make the second shitty choice of pisswater and corn drink more apealing) :p
  • all thats song needs is an Incoherant Nicki Minaj rap indisclubitbesohotwebedasizzle WHaaaAAAT?? timetostopdatclockindishizzle., OhNooOoOO ROMAAANNN asdfghjkl:dufsufusys8tdgsiggu...etc. WHUT.
  • lololol HELLARYEAH!!! day maker right heree
  • I'm writing a song! The first line is, "You stole a pack of tarot cards for me from the store" and I have the whole tune but no more words. I just hum it.
  • do do do, come on and do the conga
  • we are the street cleaners we come to sweep the streets!
  • and then then late at night you'll find out who we meets
  • and then then late at night you'll find out who we meets
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