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Hey I bought tickets for UR1 in Miami on December 8th and 9th, to see animal collective. I'm a huge fan and i could not pass up an opportunity to see my favorite band play in my hometown. Unfortunately, the festival has been postponed for various reasons. The lack of information that the UR1 event organizers have provided to the customers since the announcement is aggravating. Basically, I would like to know what Animal Collective's reaction to this announcement is


  • they're damn opposed to it! damn damn DAMN opposed!
  • honestly it smacks of a BS excuse to weasel out of contract; hurricane season is well done with by december and the only weather problems you *might* have are "it's too hot" or possibly "it's kind of chilly for miami".
  • aside: psychick tv (ptv3 iteration) is playing during art basel. if you're in miami during what would have been the ur1 weekend, there are worse things to do during art basel than to catch PTV
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