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  • was into RateYourMusic (RYM!) for the longest time but have kinda cooled on it... my reviews were dogarbage anyway
  • Funny Vesufius, I only recently realized that Age of Adz is my all-time favourite album as well. Probably second would be Brand New's Daisy. I feel like I've already posted this before.
  • RateYourMusic. Haaaa. I started reviewing and ranking every single Mother Mother song ever recorded, but then I realized I have to go to work sometimes.
  • You just reminded me, I'm seeing Brand New again in a couple months aaahh
  • edited September 2013
    ariel castro hung himself
  • ^that's cool, brody, but what does that have to do w/ anyone's fav album? u kno who else killed himself? that guy in rizzoli and isles who was on apart a forgettable disney channel franchise. ive been liking both of mac demarco's album's forawhile. unpoc's fourth column is the shit imo (or just shit in my father's opinion :( its sad rly) luv the drowners ep between us girls too.
  • editing my list: add Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, along with Siamese Dream to the list!!
  • note 2 self: GET BILLY
  • the corgster
  • Spacemen 3 - An Evening of Contemporary Sitar music. Is that like an actual album? Or just a live bootleg? Or what? I'm actually not really much of a Spacemen 3 guy, so I don't know. Purple, how was BN?
  • more like BNL! bang!
  • 2manytrees: brand new was excellent. Hadn't seen them since 09..felt like I was still in high school again =)
  • in a weird way you were! WE WERE SO MUCH OLDER BACK THEN
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