Summertime Clothes

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what a tune for me this song connects me with life and like spirit? dunno how to say that part but; the "be hear with you" lyrics is like proclaiming to someone you care about (girl). And the rest of the lyrics are basically just mentioning habits of the mind re: brother sport very relaxing. LOVE merriweather post pavillion


  • this is the only song on mpp that i have yet to connect with on a personal level. i hate summer weather and humidity, so thats probably why. its still a great song though i always enjoy it
  • Yes, I'm so glad someone else has the same thoughts and feelings about summertime clothes. I think it is the most under rated song on mpp. It's my favorite AC song of all time, I dont know if they will ever be able to make another song that is as meaningful to me. And the part about proclaiming to someone you care about makes so much sense.
  • just listened to it again, love the lyrics
  • Have you ever listened to the song " Bearhug"? It's by animal collective, it was like an early version of summertime clothes. The lyrics are great. ....See the chihuahua weave through space thats a great line from the song that gets me. But from summertime clothes, the line Let's leave the sound of the heat for the sound of the rain It's easy to sleep when it wets my brain It covers my rest with a saccharine sheen Kissing the wind through my window screen Is really great to me. Especially the "Kissing the wind through my window screen" part
  • agreed mitcheezy I love the trueness of this verse
  • This is probably my favorite mpp song because, along with peacebone, it was the song that began my obsession with AC, and they've become my favorite band since then, so everytime i hear it, it takes me all the way back to when i first heard them (back in 2011 haha). Plus the "When the sun goes down we'll go out again" part, oh man.
  • yeah "mildew on riiiiiiiice" wish they would be a bit more loving of there own songs tho when they perform live, they do play good but imagine if they just did a tour where they just played the songs like they are off the record or just like so people can enjoy them as they are on the record........ tho i did really enjoy the show i saw in the uk.........but leaves you wanting to see them all the time
  • @MITCH yeah ive heard the bearhug version or some version ive got aswell which has like a cuckoo noise or sumat at the start
  • yeah its bearhug cos avey tare pauses to say the title of the song lol
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    Hope they bring back the centipede version of this for the show i'm going to in January. Plus i hope the rumors of La Rapet and Purple Bottle reworks are true.
  • that would be cool, purple bottle reworkage
  • im close to feeling that a reworked purple bottle would be blasphemous. feels-era percussion/guitar is so perfect for purpbot
  • Yeah its hard to imagine how that would work out
  • La Rapet would be awesome, better than the purple bottle! I hope they don't change it too much if it does happen!
  • [quote=Ticonderoga]im close to feeling that a reworked purple bottle would be blasphemous. feels-era percussion/guitar is so perfect for purpbot[/quote] We don't know though, they could pull out a rework that's just as amazing as the feels version, anything could happen, although that's very unlikely.
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    This is the first AnCo song I ever loved. Noah strikes such a strong feel of vulnerability during the chorus(es) that somehow manages not to be overwhelmingly cheesy. I could listen to them begging "I want to walk around with you!" and "When the sun goes down we'll go out again" for days.
  • night people!
  • I can't listen to it until summertime comes back
  • I always say to myself, whenever I want to listen to summertime songs, "it's Summer somewhere right now".
  • cept for in both the Spring or Fall.... and AUTUMN!
  • hahaha that is so true! I really want to find an instrumental version of summertime clothes. Also the Pitchfork 2011 version is amazing.
  • I bet its a fun karaoke song
  • dammit now i wanna do ac karokey!
  • I don't sing in public, but I totally would for an AC karaoke!
  • when the sun comes up wheel go in a gent!
  • the pretty girlies walking by in their summertimey old timey crimey clothings! summer dresses! sum are sun dresh says! DUCHESS GAYS!
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