PullHair Rubeye (Reversed)

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howdy, today I spent compiling a youtube playlist of my favorite reversed versions of pullhair rubeye. This is a definite no-no for some. Some of the songs are hard to listen to for me regular version. I want to apprectiate the lyrics and the tune before I hear it regularly. Some of the songs already sound better to me regular version. If nothing else please tell me which version of lay lay off falselem you prefer.


  • for the record NORMAL pullhair rubeye is the version that was released by avey and kria (which was reversed in the mixing process) REVERSE pullhair rubeye is the pre-release-reversed songs being played forward
  • sorry, i probably should have mentioned that
  • those reversed songs are soo good. i will never understand AVEY/KRIA's reasoning when they messed them up.
  • i blame david lynch! IN LAND UMPIRE!
  • avey has said that it was really important to them that they release it the way they did and they really did prefer it that way. he acknowledged the fact that people would reverse it "on their computers" and didnt seem to care about that
  • i agree with him out of respect for their musicainship but I wonder how they came up with that idea
  • ya exactly. i don't understand how they thought that what they'd released actually sounded good.
  • Didnt they (or maybe just Kria,) find a cheap vocal recorder at a garage sale and they recorded it later that day or something on a whim? I think its just supposed to be overtly avant garde. I dont think that they were trying to convey a sound that pleased the auditory sense or be categorized as a novelty but more as an alternative to 'normal' music, or to just make something they enjoyed personally.
  • the finished product really isnt bad, it has a nice tone to it
  • Even in periods of infinate bliss Avey seems so self critical. Such a pretty album. The non reversed reversed album sounds like the fabric of time is unravling OH MY GOD! Like we just had a good romp in a haunted house by the lake in september and in the meadow had a campfire with some friends later that night but when we retired for the evening were frightened by ghosts we knew were just are own negative thinking so we defeated them. But the next day we found a body in the lake and reversed time to stop the crime of instance. Now the boy never fell off that cliff into the water and the souls are contented to hear.
  • Sage, that was beautiful.
  • you made me blush, that was an exerpt from my dream but it went well with palenka
  • it's like hiding in a giant log and while you slept someone sealed it up with you inside!
  • and rolled it down a hill
  • into THE BOG!
  • bull hair grub DIE!
  • grub GRUBBY!
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