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What are your favorite song lines (or songs...) that are beautiful to you. I like did you see the words, cos its like saying, did you see these 'words' which are powerful and peaceful to me, (i guess). Like the lines "do the elderly.....(couples/cripples i cant tell) still.... Kiss and hug and grab their big wrinkly skin, so tough, wrinkly wrink, wrink wrinkly rough?" very nice thoughts!


  • thats my favorite part of DYStW too! AC has the best lyrics (when you can decipher them,) of any band imo. The words are used to accent the theme of their songs in a more noticeable way than a lot of other bands. I cant choose fav lyrics, at the current time, beause I have too many favorite Bluish (esp. "im getting lost in your curls) and Essplode, Doggy and Flesh Canoe, Kids on Holiday, Grass and Banshee Beat have great lyrics.
  • Ya flesh canoe... "Then I talk to your breath and we Enjoy the air And I creep on your chest To the hut I have Where I pluck a few notes On the strands of your hair And I'm singing to you What to do if I'd ask you to make funny faces With me in the mirror of the bathroom" So delicate :,)
  • actually, i think those are my fav lyrics. its such a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Respect the hive...
  • tbh ive never really got into #1, let me see...........
  • fickle cycle easilly is pretty
  • "Hell is my own bad thinking"
  • it really is! that's why i say stop thinking start drinking! some JUICE!
  • hahaha purp drank!! think bad no mo!!! all the daeomons go waaayyy
  • A new apartment and a heart don't make me old
  • slow words i find always take there time
  • I pulled the glass it dripped too fast for second dawn or is it I pulled the glass I tripped too fast for second dawn
  • cob webs! cob webs!
  • its the trees of this day that I do battle with for the light
  • What are You going to do go into the Forest Until I really can't remember my name I'm going come back and things will be different Gonna bring back some stories and games
  • You find out that you can't ask a baby to cry
  • How many times you say I've had it today I'm just picking clovers Until you see the other side of unused time and the numbest of feelings
  • i appreciate that lyric more now that you quoted it and I thought about it.
  • "Happiness is being a child!" ...I think that's a line from Bat You'll Fly.
  • I need to listen to that now.
  • I've been eating with a good friend, who said a genii made me out of the earth's skin I don't get it but it sounds great.
  • "I like the way you squeeze my hand Pulling me to another dream A lucid dream."
  • readin in the papers to know whats best
  • Pulleys and vines The natural cages Trees said their smarts aren't in the books they wrote Wooden notes Pulleys like vines Like minded people do they feel afraid?
  • There's noooone to suck me outtttttt (kitties) Meeooowwww (kitties) Meeeoowww (kitties)
  • Now it's day I've been trying To get that taste On my tongue
  • I was dreaming of just you Now our cereal, it is warm attractive day in the rubble of the night from before
  • Those lyrics make a lot more sense when avey sings them
  • I once listened "tell it to the mountain" from hollindagain with someone I cared for very much, while camping, and for a moment the music and the atmosphere just became magical, I will never forget that fire lit moment, nor the fire in those long lost eyes. Its difficult to explain, but I know I dont have to, because some of you have already experienced what Im talking about. Sometimes AC creates atmospheres and moods much more than any other music I have ever heard.
  • When me and my best friend listened to Amanita for the first time, it was like that. "Im gonna get back and things will different. Im gonna bring back some stories and games." He was about to leave for college and it was a great moment.
  • Mr. Proph that is too damn true and Iko0vo that is mighty swell :)>-
  • Except that college will eat your soul. Or so ive heard.
  • college will set you free! only then can you finally SEE! me!
  • You don't have to go to college
  • College is overrated, but as chef said once in south park: "There is a time and a place for everything, and that time is college" Sad times when we now have an overeducated workforce unable to get jobs, but hey, that is a topic reserved for other spaces... No lyrics or lines involved but the drums in the second halve of Chocolate girl make me fuzzy all over, awesome sounds! and "But I feel like I've just been born When you look at me with your green eyes When you look at me with your black eyes When you look at me with your dead eyes And I can't understand when holding her hand So womanly, I have to go kiss her And what a surprise to look in those eyes To find suddenly, he is Jack the Ripper Too suddenly, he was Jack the Ripper There he goes..." from Unsolved Mysteries, jeepers, at the time I was lost and suddenly all made sense, on retrospective All of AC has had a profound impact in my being, things come and go, but AC remains a powerful force in my existence! cheers!
  • A trapeze is a birdcage, even if its empty it definetly fits the room. doo dood doododododoo Ponder that one
  • riddle me this!
  • From Search for Delicious: "I think it's good to be a little Must be good to be a little Scared."
  • are YOU also fright tanned?
  • Search for Delicious has lyrics? Huh..
  • listen at 2:25
  • Don't wanna kiss you, don't mean I Don't like to kiss you, just means these lips are mine From Safer
  • True, true I hear something new everyday!
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    [quote=IkoOvo]When me and my best friend listened to Amanita for the first time, it was like that."Im gonna get back and things will different.Im gonna bring back some stories and games."He was about to leave for college and it was a great moment.[/quote] This is basically what I felt too. College has not been as easy as an adjustment for me, living on my own, socializing, and the schooling itself. Amanita really will always remind me of how lonely and sad I was when I came to college. But still, I feel like I have grown a lot as a person through my experiences here, mainly because of all the fun and new things I've done in between all the hard times. Oh what music can do...
  • you DO have to go 2!
  • they seem to have grown less vulger. hmmmm I lay down in a mistake, I thought that everyone knew that i might not show up I lay down in a mistake, I want to see a new world without the setting of suns I lay down in a mistake cause I wanted to change it to be no it wasnt even me and I am not me at all I lay down in a mistake, I want to tune to the sound of the nothing but the sound of the somthing in the room can be so far from gone And my lady just had some friends pass on by, watching her suffer and watching her cry I'll fear(hear?) the cieling and I'll figure it out, shes on my hands and cause we've got the doubt Blow me a candle like a torrent in life, felt like my soul in the blackest of nights All I can do is stay back to the fall, better say somthing than nothing at all I found that Slow Words They'll find they always take their time to hit the mark and ill probably get to be fine I got to get there even though this day will pass I got to get there even though this day will pass. but they tell me I'm gonna pass. I lay down in the mist, lay down in the mist, lay down in the mist =D> :-(( :'( :') I figure he did somthing and this is the dealing with his actions. All the negative energy feeding this ghost in the room with him. Songs like this got me through tough days. The song is also really jammy, I almost wish it was released with the rest of Down There.
  • Almost wish? This is possibly Avey's best solo song! Can't believe he hasn't recorded it yet. Doesn't even look like he will.
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