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Not too sure where exactly this thread belongs in but... 01-17 Newtown, NSW - Enmore Theatre 01-18 Sydney, NSW - Big Day Out # 01-20 Gold Coast, QLD - Big Day Out 01-23 Melbourne, VIC - Palace Theatre # 01-25 Adelaide, SA - Big Day Out 01-26 Melbourne, VIC - Big Day Out 01-28 Perth, WA - Big Day Out 03-07 Boston, MA - House of Blues* 03-08 Montreal, QC - Metropolis* 03-09 Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall* 03-11 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues* 03-12 Covington, KY - The Madison Theater* 03-13 Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works* 03-15 Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Hall* 03-16 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre* 03-17 Madison, WI - Orpheum Theatre* 03-18 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue* 03-20 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant* 03-21 Kansas City, MO - Midland Theater* 03-22 Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre* 03-23 Salt Lake City, UT - Depot* 03-24 Boise, ID - Treefort Music Fest 07-02 Helsinki, Finland - The Circus 07-04 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival # w/Africa Hitech * w/Dan Deacon


  • Woot they're comin to Toronto! Get excited, people!! Animal Collective is coming to a venue near YOU!
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    im so excited!
  • Whussssup MICHIGAN !!!!!! yayayyaayYYA
  • yayayaya!! first ac concert!! (hopefully) (I dont want to jinx it) (hope i didnt jinx it @-) )
  • man im a little paranoid since the stage collapsed right b4 the radiohead concert that was here a few months ago
  • but you are not... AN DROID
  • Tix are on sale now , well for some of the locations
  • I'm feelin the chicago one, at first I wasn't too excited about seeing Dan Deacon but after listening to America I am pretty excited for it
  • Toronto show is 19+ I spoke too soon :((
  • Goddamn i jinxed it, didnt i?
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    Mitch that's a mistake Royal Oak Theatre is 10x better than the Metro in Chi. I'm so sorry Ves!! That's happened to me a lot in the past. But why 19? Usually its 18+ or 21+
  • i cant believe im seeing Dan Deacon (who i loved BEFORE AC) and animal collective on the same night! on a school night!!!!!?!?!?!???
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    I think over here you have to be 19 to drink..? (I think) But heres the deal. I freaked out and for whatever reason, found myself on the ticketmaster page for the concert. On that page it said all ages. Then i left a fb comment on the venues fb page asking if it was all ages. They said yes. Then i called the venue and asked, and they said yes its all ages. Then i emailed them, and am awaiting a reply. So yeah now im jus chillin, TOTALLY not compulsively checking my email every two minutes.
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    i have money and to go but my parents are being buttholes (that i love) atm and are currently in state of contemplation so idk whats happening
  • Dang purp I wish I woulda seen that before I ordered the tickets.... Oh well either way I get to see AC live for the first time!!
  • Ok sorry for subjecting this thread to my mini freakout. Its all ages after all! Yay! Got two tickets for myself and a friend. I really hope he likes it!
  • I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld with all of these dang exclamation marks!
  • Seinfeld is a great show! This is one of my favorite episodes haha...
  • omg after exams im making a seinfeld thread
  • That's a great idea. Does anyone know what the set list is for these shows? I'm really curious.
  • goin wif ma best friend yo. je suis excitee
  • im crying tears of joy inside myself. I excommunicated them for a while. Either way I'll have to drive a few hours but thats better than a freekin plane ticket needed.
  • sedsed
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    Going to stl. ACorg meetup if u are too.
  • what you just sed!
  • It's a GO. Msg your cell. maybe meet at halo or wherever.
  • This is gonna be great
  • when life's a bitch... you call MITCH!
  • G.O. better be at the Minnesota concert, It'll be my first AC concert and hopefully not my last.
  • how do we find each other? just yell out CHICKEN POT PIE! when it grows abnormally quiet!
  • Yes, exactly what we'll do. Either that or I'll throw myself at Deakin before the show starts and makee a scene, while I'll be at that, I'll tell them to shoutout to Slippiwherewolf and play SLIPPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPIPI!!!
  • SET LIST??
  • Probably the same thing theyve been playing since last October
  • they might throw in somthing new or old, who knows? I guess once they play the first show of the year we'll know
  • i hope they keep cobwebs but change a lot of other things bring back 4 REV GREEN and do winter wonderland! stuff like that!
  • If they play Alvin Row I would probably get a heart attack.
  • surely they know how much mythos is tied to alvin row live righ?
  • shirley they jest!
  • Damn thought I might get to talk crazy with the mighty GO! GOT MY TICKET
  • yeah sorry i couldn't resist saying your name as SAID! would have been fun to meet! though i'd have very little idea who the hell you are! but that can be fun too!
  • No worries. Keep finding guaranteed fun.
  • One month and 6 days..... and so the countdown begins!
  • still damn mad that ASH is playing the same damn day they haven't been here since 2005! gah! it would have felt really weird skipping the AC to see ASH but dammit the ash show would have been so GROOVY!
  • I skipped STS9 to see Rusted root, It was worth it 100 times over. simple Minor chords trippy droney synths and general bongo beats ain't my bag but give me a good ol' pan flute and a couple a hippies and I'm a happy man.
  • i don't even know what either of those ARE! ziggy played geetar!
  • queen played gaytar
  • only when under enormous societal pressure!
  • Gay Tar! sticking to the mud! and me and peacefish never damn met what bullshurt!
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