Terrestrial Tones

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This is a side project with Avey Tare and one of the members of Black Dice. It's mostly weird noise stuff but I like. It's gotten moderate scores in reviews, and I tend to agree, but I still enjoy it. Not all of it is like this though.


  • i love me some TT
  • they were getting better as they went along i don't know why they stopped after just 3 albums! 1 per year would have been groovy! it's odd it went 04 / 05 / 06 then stopped forever it's all ABOUT the sailor! JERRY!
  • their first album is a masterpiece blasted was amazing too, heavy angel is such a great ambient-epic dead drunk is awesome
  • "their first album is a masterpiece blasted was amazing too," what the! gorilla in the woods! gorilla in the mist! GORILLA BLISS! gliss
  • oh right blasted was first then oboroed
  • OBOE RED! >:O
  • circus LIVES! then dies....
  • The Dead Drunk album cover is so rad. That's some insane music.
  • the vinyl comes with a sweet poster
  • I'll get Dead Drunk soon. I'm just in love with that album cover.
  • hi im vesufius. my favorite band is animal collective. i've never listened to the terrestrial tones. or jane for that matter. honestly, how much am i really missing?
  • not TOO much mind you! but if ac is yr fave band i can't see how you wouldn't want to hear every damn thing by them and all related things! just to SEE! to believe
  • Yeah I have 18+ hours of just Animal Collective in my iTunes! That's not including side projects (which I'm still getting more of)
  • searched "animal collective" on itunes. it says i've got 20.8 hours B-) i listened to a bit of tt and jane ("tt and jane"! catchy!) on youtube. not really into it. i don't even have panda's s/t or young prayer. :P
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    i guess all the extra hours of ac music is from the bootlegs that i've downloaded.
  • ive got 3 days and 4 hours [..] of course i have many many live boots
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    also vesufius, panda's s/t is (self)arguably my favorite panda album, no joke, have you a least heard it? and young prayer is so good too :(
  • Havent heard the s/t besides We Built A Robot I listened to all of Young Prayer on youtube once. I did like it but i didnt think it would be something id come back to very often.
  • Damn 3 days is a lot! Shit... You're putting us all to shame. Do you have a seperate iPod/music player dedicated to AC?
  • No but im literally over capacity on my iphone And we built a robot is legit the worst song on his s/t Listen to on a farm or a musician and a filmmaker
  • we built a robot is the BEST song on there and i wish the whole album was like it! bah! weird!
  • Fire! Everything's burning. Fire!
  • mich mit einer mond is also the most beautiful song evar
  • You should try listening to all 3 days and 4 hours in one go!
  • in 1 gee oh gawd! dang nabbit! SNIBBETS
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