AC For Sale

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This is a totally lame first post/thread, but I've got an extra Centipede Hz Bonus DVD that I would like to sell to someone who wants one. I'm not sure if there's much demand for these, but you get the concert footage, [i]24/96 audio[/i], and hidden clip that I'm sure you're all aware of! $20 incl/shipping? (I wasn't sure if this was against the rules or not, sorry if it is!)


  • it wasn't but it's too late she's gone YOU MEANT NOTHING
  • No G.O.! Say it's not true!!
  • Ash is lying, she never left. I even made a dvd with abby portners visuals sync'd (probably poorly, it was hard to tell) with the audio from the bonus dvd and I was going to sneak it in as a special surprise.. but NOBODY wanted it.... does anybody want it now? $19.50? :) My extra copy came with a test pressing of the CHz, but that's not for sale. But I'll sell cdrs of my mix! It was clearly the best -
  • Beagles For Sail! :(|)
  • tbh if you're still there i'd buy it maybe. hit me up with a pm or in this post.
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