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I know this was a topic already but I could not find the thread so.... what are some memorable moments that involved animal collective? Just off the top of my head Dancing at my grandpas funeral visitation to brothersport.Thats when I first got this visual idea that MPP takes place in some electromagnetic dimension consisting of many electric shades of blue and green, lots of water and electric color. Mythical grecian scenes and urban environments as well as underwater caves and occasionally forests (where a lot of feels feels to take place). and during the part where avey would be screaming with every other measure that one "bew!" sound would occur (first sound to be heard in the song). Every time I would hear that I would picture this door. All around me was electromagnetic noise or interferance symbolizing stress I suppose and angry swelling electromagnetic currents were swirling through this tunnel leading to a door. When panda go "MATT!" the door opens and you are launched through it. as the door opens you see a bright light and going through it all these electronic translucent bugs dissapate and scatter. Such a relieving feeling. Once before I got there I was shaken from the trance early and became very violent. I'm still trying to live that down but you gotta go through the whole brothersport ride. Get off in the middle shit gets ugly. During my girls there seems to be a simular door except you start in darkness and the door opens up to the electromagnetic dimension. In the flowers starts off in a regular earth setting. you hear the machines in the backround but you see a field with flowers and a girl. One night I was driving through a bog area when Oliver twist came on and blew my shit out of the water. All the swirling noises hit just as I entered foggy clouds. Very intense. Bros goes A B C B C B C D well in terms of how it repeats between two different parts a lot. going from C to D is that about 5:30 in or so. I step out of the shower and clouds of smoke and incence are all around me. Panda Is the master of bliss. AVey does blues to me but panda do bliss. I want to make a fan video of palenka where I video tape my brother and I flying a plane during sunset over the glaciel hills and lake michigan and the dunes and peaks and after making the video put it fast in reverse and show hummingbirds reverse slowmotion. Walking around my neighborhood in the late hours of the night around holloween I developed a fear for scarecrows. While Baked safer was great.


  • walking through the forest during a blizzard with Loch Raven is fun. Sung tongs is fun with snow.
  • its almost sad how fucking amazing brother sport is i dont think they'll make a song better than that. there were better songs before, im talkin bout after though. wwiw?s comes close
  • AnCo doesn't try to make something better than what they've done before, just something different. It's pretty lame to say that they'll probably never make anything better than Brother Sport when they're always trying something new.
  • Don't forget Alvin Row.
  • was just dancing to winter wonderland with my brother today :\"> i don't normally do that was really fun though! fun song to dance to! i connected with it a lot. my little brother told me its the best song he ever heard. i do think that song isnt talked about / appreciated enough.
  • and brothersport is amazing. amanita is the only song they've made since then which i think tops it. at least for me it does.
  • Winter wonderland has made me wish I was a good drummer. I'm happy for you.
  • I was playing foosball and listening to fireworks. A good motivating song. the quick 6/8 time made me kick ass.
  • Blaring We Tigers in the sweet summertime, cruising on the back roads full of green trees and brown fields, windows down and screaming the words while one of my friends stands on the seat out of the sunroof. Taking my crush (at the time) home on a cold night in February after he rejected me, playing Banshee Beat as loud as my car could go. There were no words exchanged even after i dropped him off. Having sex with Spirit playing in the background. God it was fucking phenomenal.. I could give more examples but i doubt the ones i already gave aren't that appealing so I'll stop now.
  • ha, i had sex while listening to oddsac.
  • running around on the golf course in the early spring listening to my girls was pretty great. It was the first warm night of the spring and snow was melting everywhere and it was foggy and all wet outside. It was so great it fit the song perfectly, how it just sounds wet.
  • [quote=Purplesage]ha, i had sex while listening to oddsac.[/quote] @-)
  • which songs from oddsac
  • corey im just being honest if someone said what i said to me a year ago id have said the same thing you did
  • you guys have SEX?
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    Trying and failing to see the relation between those two posts ^
  • lol they are not related
  • [quote=vesufius]Trying and failing to see the relation between those two posts ^[/quote] same
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    tbh my parents ruined the option of having sex/listening to music simutaneously ughhh #idontwanttothinkaboutit #no. And its hard for me to pick one moment of intense feels w/ AC, because every song is memorable to me in a significant in some way. also bro sport has recently become more resonant to me and my own brother #sad.
  • Oh k thanks for clarifying that ti! Haha
  • I would like to hear the story about why your parents ruined the option of having sex with music. haha. seriously though.
  • No, its not me. its them. je suis trop jeune. my parents bedroom is too close to mine
  • during the time I felt "haunted" I listened to down there soooo much. when you feel something next to you while some dude is singing about ghosts it's very eiree.
  • I imagine it would be. Riding your bike at night goes perfectly with listening to summertime clothes.
  • riding around in yr summertime clothes where you damn go well nobody knows!
  • i want! to bike! around! with hugh! JUST HUGH though
  • not YOU... Go! :(|)
  • hugo? isn't that some shitty movie?
  • Hugo was great! Ticonderoga, what happened within the past year for you to change your mind?
  • yeah, hugo was nominated for like all of the awards
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    i listened to animal collective every single day and formed pretty solid opinions :(|) i literally know every bit of their discog on a detailed level. nothing is left for me to discover. besides their lyrics
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    its weird/cool to me that you dont listen to the lyrics
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    i listen to them, i just dont understand them 8-} \:D/ :-h (thank you very much) and if i can hear them i dont really think about what they mean. every once in a while i realize what im singing to myself and its this whole new fun discovery
  • My most recent memory of an Animal Collective moment was walking to university to the beginning of MPP - it really gets me about the possibility of my life. I think my favourite Anco moment was listening to Down There, mostly Green Umbrellas, while taking public transport around Seoul Korea. It was so dissonant to my environment, Down There being wet and sparse, Korea being crowed and dry. It was awesome :D
  • What would it be like to have sex to danse manatee? i wonder. what's it like to climax to lablakely dress?
  • Claud thanks for the mental imagery :) . I think if I tried to do the deed during danse manatee she would get up and leave as soon as the little white glove came out. Now mr Ticonderoga you must scower the internet for every single live performance and be the Dick that picks (grateful dead reference). I analyze lyrics and should probably post them more when I decipher them. I find the best way to figure out lyrics is to compare studio to live versions and seeing a live video helps because you can kind of try to lip read. ooofofoofofofof recently satan communicated to me using the garbled static of good girl/carrots. I was a tad fucking high, I was paranoid in the middle of a bat-shit city with closed state churches on every corner. My friend had just got evicted and we all had to grab her stuff and run as we thought surely the land lord would call the police. A government transit bus kept following me around the town listening to my cell phone conversations. I was shitting my pants when this angry looking man approached me and when I started hearing the transition from good girl to carrots and satan was all like "oiuehfow fwefnwefn" and for a second I thought this man was satan incarnate which was pretty freekin freeky. I don't remember what I heard as I wasn't paying too close attention. I had never noticed that static before listening to that particular song but when it changed to carrots I was sooooo relieved. A wave just swept over me and i felt great. Thanks Panda. The next day I listened to the song again and found that I was not entirely crazy and there was actual static or whatever in the song (although the garbled words are impossible to decipher). My brain is in the shitter today. I feel like a bear that has just come out of hibernating.
  • Things will be fine once I shit my grassy plug
  • That is a crazy story purp. recently it has been really warm and I was home for a few days for easter, and I went for a run on the golf course near our house. It was super warm and sunny and the grass was green and the ponds were filled up with turtles and fish swimming around. I really connected with turn into something and my girls.
  • these are the moments we'll treasure forEVER!
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