Life changing lyrics/song/albums

What would you say changed your life most that AnCo did? For me it's ODDSAC. It inspires me so much.


  • Mpp or strawberry jam, im not really sure. I'll have to think about this one
  • Feels was very influential.
  • Their music is pretty life-changing as a whole so i don't know. If i had to pick one, probably Sung Tongs. Alvin Row as well, obviously.
  • Here Comes the Indian with specifically slippi and of course the hey light screams but also native belly! and too soon and PANIK don't forget Panic! not so much them other 2 songs... and yeah i had a major episode of bliss and then also sadness 2 sep. times with alvin row that really connected my mind and memories with college (i DID have to go to!) and many ac songs i tied with hearing at college and hanging with friends a time in my life i never thought i'd get and will always look back fondly upon MAGIK MOMENTS!
  • Oh man I had a really intense moment with Loch Raven and Turn Into Something while walking around my neighbourhood last summer. I would say Centipede Hz changed my life just because it was the first album i'd ever gotten so hyped up for. it definitely increased my obsession with music. listening to Amanita for the second time (when it really sunk in) on the train to London, Ontario to visit my grandparents was really great. There was an amish family on the train that were sitting right across from me, and the song made me want to go join them! also listening to mpp when i got baked for the first time B-) in the flowers was such a humbling experience
  • For the longest time I refused to listen to anco high just because I figured "they are better than that" or some stupid complex bullshit. MPP was the first I heard of them but I never got that that that that into all the songs on the album (summertime clothes and my girls) until I listened to them baked. I just sat back, closed my eyes and it was a spectacular journey. Holy Crap G.O, you listened to their first in college and I'm listening to what might be their last in college. (Panda may be bluffing again who knows?)
  • Don't worry dude i really doubt CHz is their last.
  • What is this talk of CHz being their last album?!?!
  • panda is a bluffer sluffer
  • They never really said it was gonna be the last album
  • AC X = animal collective SEX it's def. their last one! until the next one!
  • well duh
  • Spirit inspired me to spend way more time outside, and it is still effective
  • I don't think its their last album! id spiral into a deep depression if it was though
  • hypothetically even if it was SIRE DEEKS got an album rolling I can feel it.
  • MPP was the first AC album I listened to in full and it has helped accept and open my mind to 'more abrasive' art and develop a love for auteurism.
  • MPP was what got me into "weirder" music (well MPP and Kid A). Spirit really affected me in a good way. It kind of expanded my love for childhood, especially Someday I'll grow... Down There has also really helped me bond my best friend. It kind of help expose our mutual love for Swamp-like atmospheres. Spirit, Down There, and Feels as well are all really important albums to me personally.
  • iko you and i have alot in common ;)
  • this is random but i cant remember what it was like to feel like there are more than 5 normal posters here. its literally like a slightly-extended family. this is a very unique forum
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    Peacefish, Winny and Dave posted a lot when i came. I even had a long inbox conversation with Peacy when i first joined. He is such a nice dude. Sucks that they don't come around anymore Its weird, i feel like i've been posting a lot more since they left :/ But you're right about the extended family bit. Everyone loves everyone!
  • And dont forget Mzrokks! a bringer of lightness to this place
  • Yeah I miss all of those dudes where have they been!!?? Wini hasnt posted in forever it feels like!
  • For real, it's weird without them around.
  • i miss sonic the hedgehog with an fro. Either way you look at it you have your fits i have my fits but feeling is good.
  • Sagey its almost our day..time is scary fast
  • you better make shit last!
  • it's hard to make the good times glast glow!
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