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This is something I've been thinking about doing for a while now, but I'm just now getting around to it. Someone tell me if there is already a thread like it on this site haha. I was thinking about every once in a while picking a song and just talking about what it means to you. would anyone else be down to participate in such a thread?!


  • ok, mitch pick the first song!
  • Turn Into Something!
  • Turn Into Something is the perfect closer for this album. I really think it works perfectly after the "dream sequence" of Banshee Beat, Daffy Duck and Loch Raven. Those songs always seem like your sleeping while you listen, and Turn into something kind of wakes you up. It seems to encompass all of the style and emotion from the rest of the album. It still has the joyous young love feeling I always got from the earlier parts of Feels. It feels like exiting stuff is going to happen after the song is done. It feels really optimistic. Then when it fades into the ambient section it feels kind of like that "dream sequence". I never listened to the lyrics, but that's what the music gives to me. Those are my thoughts :)
  • I first started listening to this song spring time of freshman year. I had no idea what the lyrics were, and still don't know most of them lol. At the time my friends were starting to get into drugs, and it was kinda a weird time for me. There was a girl that I liked a lot at this time also, so this song kinda brings back feelings of that. I remember one night in specific my friends and I ventured out into this golf course near my house, and found these really cool bridges over swamps in this big marsh area. On our way back some neighbor near the woods by my house was having a giant bonfire, and we thought it was for sure a kkk rally haha, which was pretty exciting too. Also the end of the song brings back memories of the last day of school freshman year, I had rode my bike to school and I was sitting in my freshman health class doodling pictures of trees and swamps while listening to the last part of this song. This song also brings back memories of playing lacrosse and losing every single game (except one) horribly, but no one really caring haha. Kinda makes me realize how simple life was back then and how I had few cares/ responsibilities. So that is pretty much what Turn into something reminds me of/ when I started listening to it.
  • Once I was listening to Feels on a bus with my best friend and my brother. The last ambient section was the part that got to me at that time for some reason. The shadows of leaves created by the sun shining through the window fit PERFECTLY with the music. The shadows seemed to dance and shimmer with the sounds and Panda's voice. It was perfect! Turn Into Something is not a song I have specific memories with though, aside from that one on the bus.
  • This is a good thread by the way, I hope it lasts!
  • the second half of turn into something for me feels like a moment of true happiness. when you know you are at true peace and you never want it to end
  • also the very last part where kria is just gently jamming on the piano creates an insane atmopshere, like what arriving at the top of a mountain feels like
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    [quote=Ticonderoga]the second half of turn into something for me feels like a moment of true happiness. when you know you are at true peace and you never want it to end[/quote] this. just makes me feel happy about life, ya know? like just the fact that i can have feelings this blissful make life worth living.
  • honestly, turn into something is to me the perfect animal collective song. it has everything i could ever want from them. that driving, catchy melody in the first half. the simple message ("you should turn into something") of the lyrics. the beautiful ambience in the second half. the sincerity. the happiness and bliss. it is life-affirming. that and brothersport are the best ac songs imo. thanks mitch for this thread! listening to turn into something right now and loving it! its nice to reflect on the songs you love and why you love them so much.
  • Thanks! Yeah I agree with you Turn into something is becoming one of my favorites... that and Summertime Clothes! It's so easy to get caught up trying to figure out what the artist means when they write a song, almost trying to decipher it... I connect with a song and like it most when I just sit back and listen, and let it take me somewhere, Turn into something is the song that really showed me that.
  • Also, that is Kria playing the piano??!!
  • I have to add this before I forget... The end of Turn into something where the piano is gently playing, and those voices... it sounds to me like they are really faint voices being muffled by a fan or a window or curtains or something.
  • Kria was totally a member of the band on feels in my opinion! She was called Doctess! She plays piano on every song on the album! "kristin plays on every song. she played live as we did the live tracking but there was often a lot of bleed into the piano mics from the other instruments so she often re-did or elaborated on her parts at night when she could have quiet in the studio. we all played in one room so there was so [sic] isolation, except josh which we stuck in a bathroom." from Geologist
  • ha! always sticking josh in the damn bath room!
  • Next up... honeycomb? any or anything else any suggestions?
  • it represents the peak of my AC obsession, well, i havent really come down yet but it was ridiculously high back then i still am amazed by the curviness of the drums in that track. and the third melody gives me so many feels
  • The first time I heard Honeycomb I was alone in my basement watching Tim and Eric on YouTube I went on Facebook and saw what AC posted about a new song and I got so psyched. When I played the song I literally started laughing out loud, I was so happy and the song is just so good! It was the first time I actually witnessed new Animal Collective material come out (aside from TTG) because I am a fairly new fan. Then I told my friend about it and we listened to it and Gotham all the time. Then when I saw it live.... The ending is soooooooooo good in the live version!!
  • dude it was also my first new AC besides TTG. i put the songs on my ipod and listened to it in my den just staring into space with the widest grin on my face. i felt an incredible feeling of purity that night
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    I kinda wish I was an AC fan back in the early days of their music. Then again I was a little kid... But yeah TTG wasn't quite the same (I love it to death still, but yeah). Honeycomb/Gotham was like the sign of a new album! Man I was exited!
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    also my first ac release! (talking about honeycomb) we're all a bunch of noobs around here i guess. i've never been more hyped on a record than i was for chz. it was actually the first album release i'd ever really been excited for. and for that reason, whether or not it is a step down from their previous releases, it will always have a place in my heart.
  • I feel the same way about CHz and The King Of Limbs. First I actually witnessed, even if they're not necessarily the best. There's always a special place for those albums! Even if we started as noobs I feel like we've gained a lot of knowledge about Animal Collective (at least I have!)
  • I kind of remember mpp coming out, I was at school on my ipod looking through their stuff on itunes and I was like wtf is this? so I downloaded in the flowers and I thought it was so boring cause I never made it to the middle part haha.
  • Oh yeah there was an entire year where more than half of the stuff i listened to was from ac. Don't really listen to them a lot anymore. Ive got newer obsessions, but i dont think i'll ever be hooked on another band like i was to ac.
  • More than half the music I listen to is ac haha. Honeycomb reminds me of the whole month of May, sitting in my dumb marketing class, and messing around with throwing knives in my woods haha. It was really rainy, wet, and warm the day Honeycomb came out
  • On a side note, I can't seem to really get into any other bands, at least not like I am with ac. It's like I see everyone else as being not as good as them haha. Like with other bands I don't have the same desire to learn about their personal life, history, music influences, etc.
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    Same. Its Because AC has 13 years of music that i love 100%
  • I feel the same way dudes! There's no other band where I like ALL their music as much as I do with Animal Collective! Glad we have this beautiful mutual interest in such a great band!
  • I'm glad other people feel the same way about it! Okay, So any suggestions for the next song? I'm thinking Cuckoo Cuckoo
  • One of the few ac songs ive never been able to enjoy
  • I really like that song! i first remember listening to it during end of the summer before i started highschool. when i first started to like ac and i did weird dances in my room while the sun shone in. i felt euphoric, desite being really afraid about how highschool would be att. being obsessed with ac kept me distracted.
  • haha nice! I didn't start listening to it until later on, when I was a junior in highschool. For me it really doesn't fit with the rest of strawberry jam that well, which is why it is kinda unique to me I guess. It feels a little more ambient to me than the rest of strawberry jam.
  • I feel you suf. i firmly believe Safer should have replaced it as the epic penultimate of SJ
  • I do like Safer a lot better, but I really like Safer as the b side gem that it is! Makes it feel special in my opinion. But yeah Cuckoo is actually one of the first AC songs I really liked, oddly enough. I really was obsessed with that piano loop. Then there's that video of it where Panda Bear keeps knocking the cymbal off of it's stand!! And Geologist is just swaying to the piano part! I haven't listened to it in a while though. To be honest, Strawberry Jam is the AC album I've neglected the most over the last year or so... not that I like it any less!
  • Same, I need to start listening to sj more! Safer's lyrics are so amazing... Don't wanna kiss you don't mean I don't like to kiss you just means these lips are mine
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    imma pick the next song (if no one objects). connections to winters love?
  • Oh yes! let me think on this one
  • my first favorite AC song that i thought would be my favorite song forever, has gotten me closer to crying than any music ever. is of a heart-wrenching sound that i think AC got close to re-creating with "fireworks" but have still not topped seriously like the best
  • the live acoustic performances just kill me. they helped me understand music love togetherness and the power of panda/avey harmonies.
  • Yeah winter's love is great. I like how dense yet relaxing the first part of it is
  • The first time I ACTUALLY listened to Winter's Love was on a long walk. I had been listening to Deerhunter albums and I thought "why not listen to Sung Tongs all the way through?" I was still pretty new to the album at the time, and I'd only heard the first part of Winter's Love. When it got to the second part I was blown away. I was seriously in love with the song and was obsessed with it for a few months after that. Then I HAD to learn it on guitar which I did. I jammed to it all the time, and I still do. It is in my top favorite songs ever for sure. I show it to everybody.
  • thats cool iko! (i wish i was instrumentally-inclined.)
  • I'm not a very GOOD instrumentalist, but I am blessed with the ability to jam a little bit! I'll have to post a cover sometime with a friend on harmonies...
  • Fireworks?
  • Reminds me of sunshine and long car rides. Also being close with my roommate, who I never see these days
  • reminds me of school getting out for the summer back in middle school and my freshman year in high school. Summer starting and it being warm n stuff
  • Riding the bus back in middle school... Also my freshman year, one of my friends made a sick art piece inspired by Fireworks. It actually looked kind of like the Campfire Songs artwork, but she hadn't seen that before haha. When I showed her the Campfire Songs cover she was like "Shoot, this looks just like that..." Haha good times...
  • ive known fireworks, my girls, brosport and grass since i was 12! i remember my sister complaining about listening to that song too much back in the day
  • i used to play it out my widow really obnoxiously during the summer hoping someone would hear it/recognize it (eck). i also made a poster with the fireworks lyrics, which became my headboard for a sad short time when my bed broke and we were in the process of getting a new one.
  • lets do april and the phantom i wanna be a 5 year old who finds this song on a blank cassette in a thrift shop and plays it over and over and lets his imagination run free while listening at his local creek or fort
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